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OCT 22 2021

When Should I Start Packing to Move?

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Moving house is super-duper exciting. Soon enough, you’ll be in your brand-new place, kicking back with a glass of French and celebrating the beginning of a new chapter of your life. But let’s take care of the basics before we start living it up, yeah? Packing your house is one of the first things you have to take care of when moving houses. So, when should you get a boogie on with starting the pack up? In this post, we’ll give you a run down of timing your pack up to T.

Assess how much stuff you’ve got

The amount of stuff you own influences the timing of your packing. If you’re living in a one-bedroom unit on your own, then it won’t take long to pack up your apartment and make a run for it. If you’ve got a whole house full of stuff that needs packing, then you should start thinking carefully about when you need to shift it. The more stuff you have, the earlier you should start thinking about packing.

Make a list of stuff you pack pretty much now

There are probably a few things that can be packed up right now. Things you don’t use very often, or things you won’t need until you’re in your new place – pack them up now so you’ve got a head-start on the moving process. If you need absolutely everything until the day you move, that’s fine too – just try to prepare things as best as you can for your moving team to handle it on the big day.

How many people will be helping you?

This is another factor that will help decide when to start packing. If you’ve got a few special helpers to assist with packing, then you probably won’t need to start the process until the week of the move. But if you don’t have any extra hands, it might be wise to invest in some. A quality team of trained packers can help you move your house quickly and diligently, saving you a tonne of stress in the moving process.

How good are your packers?

It’s true that, like any other industry, some moving teams are better than others. A first-rate moving team should be able to pack your house within a matter of hours, whereas a guy with a ute whom you hired off the internet probably won’t be as quick… or reliable, for that matter.

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