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At New Zealand Van Lines we are committed to the development of a sustainable future. Sustainability focuses on meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. For our business to be truly sustainable, we understand the need to take a holistic approach to the development of sustainable business practices. 

There are three interconnected pillars to sustainability, these being: environmental, social, and economic. However, environmental sustainability is at the heart of most discussions. The transport sector that we belong to is responsible for 21% of New Zealand’s annual greenhouse gas emissions, primarily fossil fuels burned for road, rail, air, and sea transportation.

NZ Van Lines - Our Commitment

In the present, some of NZ Van Line’s plans and significant initiatives for reducing our carbon footprint include:

As a large-scale domestic transport operator NZ Van Lines are committed to an environmentally sustainable future, built on our road transport operation. A well-planned truck journey will go directly from door to door, saving non-productive tasks, carbon emissions and the additional kms being travelled.

Our management are monitoring recent overseas trends towards hydrogen powered trucks. Hydrogen can supplement and improve the emissions efficiency of combustion engines or 100% drive an electric engine. Interestingly, the development of green hydrogen technology is slow due to it’s current reliance on fossil fuels, to meet production requirements.

NZ Van Lines Stinger
  • We have re-invested in road containerisation, primarily for delivering over 5000 inbound units to their eventual destination. The acquisition of three B-train container trailers has increased our capacity from two to three containers per trailer, reducing emissions by over 30% per truck journey.

  • In 2021 we replaced 25 long-distance trucks with clean burning new units. The new trucks meet EURO 6 environmental regulations. EURO 6 technology has a rigorous focus on environmental conservation, effectiveness and performance. It significantly reduces harmful gas emissions within the trucks exhaust system.

  • Moving forward we are progressively replacing cars, vans and small trucks with hybrid and electric alternatives, when they are suitable to meet our needs. In November 2023, NZ Van Lines introduces our first zero emission moving van.


  • NZ Van Lines are working closely with our packaging suppliers to increase the recycled material content of our customised cartons; this currently stands at 35% of the content. They are non-toxic and bleach free.

  • We believe in the circular economy. Annually we collect and reuse over 150 tonnes of cartons and packing material. By reusing, we not only halt the production of new material, there is a corresponding reduction in landfill usage and emissions.
Palmerston North branch of NZ Van Lines with many moving trucks
  • All our warehouse lighting is being converted to LED. Our first two sites of 12 have shown a 57% reduction in electricity usage.

  • Our new purpose built Palmerston North branch and warehouse facility is 100% solar powered, the first of it’s kind in the New Zealand removals and storage industry.

  • We are currently partnering with a major customer to assist them meet their goal for a carbon zero 2025. During this process a structured NZ Van Lines Carbon Reduction Programme is being developed using science-based tools to accurately measure, manage and minimize environmental impacts.

  • NZ Van Lines are leading the transformation of New Zealand’s moving and storage industry to a sustainable future. Our latest state-of-the-art facility in New Plymouth is a testament to this commitment as it is 100% solar powered, making this the second such facility, following our Palmerston North branch.

  • The majority of our corporate travel and training sessions have been replaced through the extensive use of video conferencing, Microsoft Teams and Zoom technologies.

  • In 2021 NZ Van Lines introduced a customised AI survey tool. All our customers need for a ‘do it yourself’ quote is their smart phone or tablet. Our aim is to enable 1500+ video surveys a year, either hosted or by self -service. Achieving this takes over 1500 car journeys off the road per annum.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about NZ Van Lines and our business. 

This snapshot of our sustainability programme is by no means definitive. We understand that sustainability cannot be a one-time effort, 
it is an ongoing endeavor to protect our environment and our communities. 

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