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Fast Facts About NZ Van Lines - Premium Worldwide Movers

We aren’t just saying we are New Zealand’s biggest and best moving and storage company, here are some fast facts to reassure you that we have the credentials to back it up;

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We're proud to be a privately owned, 100% kiwi company. Private ownership enables us to reinvest locally, rather than having our profits taken offshore.

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We operate a network of 13 branches, from the Far North to the Deep South. We have over 250 full time staff, 150+ specialised furniture vehicles and 20,000 cubic metres of available storage space.

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Annually our removals group manage over 15,000 relocations, domestically, internationally and from overseas locations into New Zealand.


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We are a values-based company. We embrace the values of Aotearoa New Zealand; a tolerant, diverse, inclusive, and welcoming society.

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NZ Van Lines commitment to a sustainable future includes the replacement of our road transport fleet with clean burning EURO 6 trucks, having solar energy powering our new warehouses and creatively upcycling pre-used resources and packing materials.

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We pride ourselves on being great house guests in our day-to-day customer interactions. A strict two-tier security process is used to screen all prospective new employees.

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Our warehouses in the port cities are all customs bonded and MPI approved transitional facilities. We do not outsource customs clearances and are with our customers every step of the way.

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Our customers have the world’s best moving companies at their disposal. We are long term members of both FIDI and Omni, the world’s most recognised international alliances and service partner networks.

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NZ Van Lines and our service partner's adopt common GDPR (EU) data privacy protocols and use a common operating system to seamlessly transfer data and protect our customers personal information.

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We are a FAIM Accredited International Mover. Ourselves and our service partners are independently audited every three years by E&Y Global. There are over 200 quality, service, and financial criteria. 

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We lead our industry in the application of new technologies. Our customised Artificial Intelligence (AI) survey tool enables customers to effectively ‘self -survey’ their personal effects.

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NZ Van Lines are committed to a rigorous Heath, Safety and Wellness programme. We utilise HSE Connect a leading platform for managing our consistency and standards across all 13 branch locations.

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All our office based team have the equipment and technology to seamlessly work from home, with no downtime in the event of unforeseen events and lockdowns.

New Zealand’s #1 Furniture Moving and Storage Company


NZ Van Lines is your perfect moving partner for your domestic or international relocation. Request a free, no obligation moving quote today. Call us on: 0800 362 236 or submit a quote form online. We look forward to being of assistance.

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