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Moving FAQ's

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Planning a move can uncover a variety of questions, after all there is a lot of preparation that comes with any relocation. Here’s some moving questions we’re often asked.

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If there is a choice, we recommend you keep clear of the summer holiday season in December and January. These are the months where the heaviest demand is placed on trucks, equipment, port facilities and personnel. When moving internationally there can be added pressure due to government and port workers taking their holiday breaks.

You should give us as much notice as possible, especially if you are moving in the holiday seasons. As a rule of thumb, you should call about an International Move 2-3 months before the moving out date, 6-8 weeks for an Inter-Island Move and 4-6 weeks for a Domestic or Local Move. In some circumstances this isn’t possible, we will work in with you at short notice if necessary. Call our friendly team on: 0800 362 236

All you need to do is call us or submit an online form and we will arrange an obligation free quotation. You will be asked some specific questions to establish your circumstances and timing. For a small shipment we can use this information to provide an instant quotation. For larger or more complex relocations we will make an appointment for one of our Moving Consultant’s to either visit you at home or conduct a WIFI virtual meeting. All you will need is your smartphone or tablet. In addition to discussing your moving needs our Moving Consultant will be visually surveying the items you are moving.

Following this, an obligation free quotation will be prepared and forwarded for your consideration. Depending on the complexity of your move this can take anywhere from an hour to several days. We will include insurance costs in all quotations. After receiving your acceptance, we will set up the move plan and book in your logistics with the operations team. Our Move Manager(s) will keep you updated and assist with any final documentation, right up to your move day.

New Zealand Van Lines has the BIGGEST and most modern fleet on the road!
We specialise in super-sized international and long-distance moves. Our trucks and B-train container configurations can hold up to three full house loads in one journey.
We are committed to an environmentally sustainable future and have initiated an aggressive fleet upgrade by replacing 25 trucks with new clean burning units. The new trucks meet EURO 6 environmental regulations. EURO 6 technology has a rigorous focus on environmental conservation, effectiveness, and performance.
We strongly recommend you take out transit insurance cover for your relocation. VERO underwrites our protection plans. They are specific to the industry, providing full ‘end to end’ protection against the risks associated with moving house.
Having insurance protection will help you sleep at night, until everything is safely delivered. Accidents, unforeseen weather conditions, poor road conditions and risk events can occur at anytime, even with the most careful of moving companies.
When moving internationally, there are additional risks. After your goods are packed they will be passing into the hands of other organisations including rail and shipping companies, airlines, handling agents and customs and quarantine officials.
Yes, if you are delayed or unable to take immediate possession of your shipment we can provide storage facilities at any of our 15 branches. Our warehouses in the major cities are all licensed by MPI and Customs bonded.
All facilities are security patrolled, have monitored alarms and strictly controlled access criteria. Depending on the duration of your needs we will store your effects in either kiln dried wooden house-packs or our specially purposed storage containers. If you are moving overseas, the same standards apply to our network of approved agents and affiliates.
Our crews are professionally trained, having years of experience in safely packing, stowing, storing, and moving your household goods. Basically, we will pack everything using materials that are specifically designed for your household effects.
For international moves everything (including furniture) will be fully wrapped. For local and domestic moves we internationally wrap stainless-steel and whiteware appliances and have heavy duty plastic covering for beds and lounge suites. Other specialised materials include tuff wrap for wooden furniture, pictures and fragiles, bike cartons, television cartons, picture cartons and hanging wardrobe cartons. If items require specialised crating this can be organised by special arrangement.
We will stow and unload your truck or container at both origin and destination. If you are moving internationally our trusted alliance partners will unload and unpack your security sealed container on our behalf. Everything unloaded will be placed into designated rooms under your instruction. We dismantle and reassemble standard furniture and beds. For a standard unpack we unwrap everything and empty your cartons, placing everything on a flat surface. All of our debris and surplus materials are taken away at both origin and destination.
Unless you make special arrangements, we don’t place items into cupboards and drawers, disassemble or reassemble kit set furniture (IKEA), garden furniture, home gyms, swing and slide sets or anything that requires special tools.
NZ Van Lines don’t remove or rehang artwork on the walls or disconnect/reconnect electrical appliances. The same applies to taking down or refitting curtains, drapes, carpet, and wall fixtures. We generally don’t take items to the refuse station or dispose of unwanted goods.
All cartons, items and packages are numbered and labelled during packing. We then prepare a comprehensive inventory, prior to anything leaving your home. All inventoried items are checked off and signed for as they’re loaded out. Our customers are generally on site and sign off the inventory with their crew leader. This process is repeated every time a shipment is loaded into or out of storage and at your destination.

In many instances this is possible. If you have any of the original packing or boxes from your appliances or household items let our crew leader know. Depending on whether we have superior materials available and the condition of the original material a decision can be made.

In most cases this isn’t necessary. If your unit is strong enough, we recommend you leave light items such as clothing, bedding etc.

Please remove any books, magazines, breakable items etc. A lot of modern kit set and home assembled furniture is not sturdy enough to move unless it’s completely emptied.

For international moving by air and sea please check with your Moving Consultant as there are a lot of prohibited items that are country specific.
In general terms (for all moving) we will not move flammables, hazardous goods, aerosols, acids, paints, explosives, ammunition, or other combustibles. Gas cylinders can be transported domestically but must be purged. All lawn mowers, chainsaws, motorcycles etc. should be cleaned and drained of fuels before pack-out day.
We strongly recommend that you do not include important documents and items of extraordinary value in your shipment. This includes travel documents, passports, marriage certificates, jewellery, cash, credit cards or small high value items like cameras, tablets, and consumer electronics.

For domestic moving we can move your plants but cannot accept responsibility for their safety. As a rule, the shorter distance they travel on a door-to-door basis the better. They may suffer from a lack of water and light as well as temperature changes during a long transit.

If your plants are in storage, we do care for them, but this is not an ideal situation.

Frozen goods (in freezers) can be moved but only by special arrangement. Please discuss this with our Moving Consultant. It is often easier to use up or gift your perishable and frozen foodstuffs prior to moving.

Yes, we move a lot of motor vehicles, boats, caravans, and motorcycles. We will either move these with our own resources or make arrangements through our network of approved service partners.

Your pets are an important part of the family so getting them safely transported to your new home is an important part of our service. Of course, they can’t be packed away with your household goods, so we have a network of approved domestic and international service partners to ensure your pets are well looked after. Please discuss this with your Move Manager.

For more advise on how to relocate your pets read our helpful guide.

We move washing machines but don’t physically disconnect or set them up. Please drain your machine before our packers arrive. We recommend you refit or source an original stabilizer bar/bolt to avoid the drum going out of balance.

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