How To Relocate Your Pets

Wherever you’re going, there’s a special little someone who’ll be by your side: your furry, feathery, or scaly companion! Pets are a big part of our lives so there’s no doubt you’re taking them with you when you move houses, cities or countries. If you’re wondering how to relocate your pets, we’ve put together a helpful guide below.

Moving to a new home in the same city

Moving within the same city is usually straightforward for pets. Dogs are usually very adaptable when it comes to moving, although it’s normal for them to be slightly anxious or excitable in the first few days of the move. Cats, however, can be less stoked about it. Get your cat comfortable with their moving cage, entertain them with your cardboard boxes and give them little treats to comfort them.

Moving to a new city in the same country

Relocating your pet within New Zealand is simple. Put your dog in the car or your cat in their travelling box and simply drive – pets are allowed on the Cook Strait ferry too, so it’s no trouble if your new city is on the opposite island.

Moving internationally with your pets

International pet relocations involve quarantine regulations, microchipping, blood tests and pet training. NZ Van Lines can help you with the necessary requirements for international pet relocations, employing one of their trusted partners to get your pet to your new country, safe and sound.

Preparing your pet for overseas relocation

Here’s how to prepare your furry friend for an overseas relocation:

  • Vet appointments

There are a few things your vet needs to do before your pet is ready to travel overseas, like administering the necessary vaccines for arrival in your new country, and implanting the ISO-compliant microchip in your pet.

  • Grooming

Make sure your pet is groomed before relocating overseas. This prevents them from excessive scratching and makes them more comfortable while they’re enjoying the flight.

  • Get them used to the flight crate

Your pet needs to get accustomed to the flight crate so it’s fully prepared for international travel. Your pet needs to fly in an IATA-approved pet crate, and they need to be comfortable with this before the flight. Crate training helps to associate the crate with a safe, happy place. It involves short periods of keeping your pet in the crate, building up slowly until your pet can happily sleep in the crate overnight.

  • Comforting items

To help your pet be totally comfortable during the flight, pet owners should line the crate with their pet’s favourite blanket, a favourite toy and an old piece of clothing that smells like their owner. These things are very comforting and help your pet stay relaxed in the overnight flight cabin.

NZ Van Lines are experts in domestic and international pet relocations. They’re partnered with top quality pet relocation agencies to make sure your pet is comfy and safe during the relocation period. Talk to the team at NZ Van Lines to learn more today.

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