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Moving Overseas With Pets

You’ve booked tickets for your kids and packed your belongings for relocation, but what about your pets?

The New Zealand Van Lines team understands that pets are an integral part of the family. Therefore, we’re committed to looking after them during your relocation journey too.

We understand how stressful the pet relocation process seems, but not to worry! Whether you’re transporting your pets across the ditch or across the globe, we will be with you every step of the way; from initial planning to arrival in your destination country, we provide the safe & secure transportation of pets worldwide.

New Zealand Van Lines works with accredited pet transport partners to provide pet pick up, veterinary checks, domestic and international pet transport, and pet delivery.

With over 35 years of experience in moving families and their pets New Zealand Van Lines takes the stress out of moving pets overseas.

For hassle-free pet relocation support, contact our friendly team today.

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Things to consider when transporting pets overseas

Book in for a complete veterinary work up early

Before you fly, your pet will need a full veterinary check, which includes microchipping for future identification as well as various vaccinations. Depending on the country you are moving to will determine what vaccinations are required. Some vaccinations are done six months before your pet’s departure, so make sure you plan ahead.

Organise a suitable crate

All pets need to travel in International Air Transport Association (IATA) approved crates. It is recommended you organise this create early to get your pet used to being in it. Your pet must have enough space to turn around while standing, sit upright and lie down in a natural position.

Make sure you have the correct paperwork

In order to move your cat, dog, and other pets overseas, you need to have completed the correct paperwork. Each country has its own set of Overseas Market Access Requirements (OMAR) for transporting pets, and it is essential to check your destination country’s OMAR for what paperwork and tests are required.

Alongside the vaccination and microchipping certificates, you may be required to have an animal welfare export certificate, an import permit, and an MPI export certificate.

frequently asked questions:

Cats, dogs, and other small animals kept for companionship are considered pets.

Depending on the size of your pet and the country of destination, certain airlines allow small pets to travel in the cabin (caged). If this is not possible, your pet will be transported in the pet cabin.

As this is a new experience for your pet, we recommend transporting them with their favourite toy, blanket, and a clothing item of yours. Having familiar items and smells will help reduce your pet’s stress and anxiety.

Some pets may be required to quarantine in New Zealand before departure or in the destination country on arrival. You can find all quarantine requirements in the destination county’s OMAR.

You can export your pet from Auckland, Wellington, and Christchurch airports.

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