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What is Movers Insurance?

Moving from one location to another involves navigating many challenges, and one of them is concern for the safe transport of your household goods and personal effects.

For customers moving overseas marine insurance is highly recommended, while your possessions are under our care. You will have full protection for damages, partial or total loss, from the moment our packers arrive at your home, until you take delivery and are unpacked, at your destination.

Why Purchase TRANSIT Insurance?

Moving house is widely considered one of the most exciting but stressful events in our lives. This is where marine insurance can help you sleep at night, until everything is safely delivered and in its proper place. In the same way we view health, income protection and other insurances as part of our daily lives, it’s essential we have peace of mind when moving. Accidents, unforeseen weather conditions, and risk events can occur anytime, even when moving with the most careful of moving companies.

When you are moving internationally, the risks are further compounded. After your goods are packed, they will be passing through multiple supply chains, including shipping companies, airlines, handling agents and possibly customs and quarantine officials. A significant benefit is protection in the event of ‘General Average’ being declared by vessel owners if the vessels strike trouble, an example being the Rena that hit the reef just off Tauranga, or the Evergreen vessel that blocked the Suez Canal recently. When General Average is declared the costs of salvage are recovered from the cargo owners onboard. It is for these reasons that we strongly recommend you consider marine insurance cover for your relocation.

Although some insurance companies may provide generic transit extensions to their household policy, the level of cover is limited and not comprehensive enough to provide full protection. NZ Van Lines protection plan(s) is underwritten by VERO. It is one of the broadest and most user-friendly in the market. Best of all it is specific to the industry, providing full ‘end to end’ protection against the risks associated with moving house.

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Insurance options

Our marine insurance policies apply to the relocation of household goods, personal effects, motor vehicles, motor- cycles (caravans, boats, trailers, and other watercraft are by arrangement).

Valued Inventory Insurance

The standard Valued Inventory Insurance covers all risks and physical damage to your property on a door to door professionally packed basis. Goods in store are covered for up to 30 days for an international move. In the event additional storage time required there are extensions available.

Lump Sum Insurance

For customers who prefer not to fill in forms or are uncertain of their values, we recommend the ‘no fuss’ Lump Sum option. With lump sum there is no requirement to research the replacement cost of your household goods and personal effects. Based on the volume and formula linked to the industry average value is the basis to determine the insured value. This method ensures you aren’t underinsured.

With both Valued Inventory and Lump Sum options there are ‘non- standard’ additional covers that can include nil excess, electrical and mechanical derangement and pairs and sets. Additional cover is available for specific high value items, antiques, and artwork.

Storage Insurance

The transit policy covers your goods whilst in storage for 30 days for international moves. Should further storage be required, you will need to request a policy extension to keep the policy current.

Getting your insurance Organised

To work through the various insurance options so you can decide, we recommend you discuss these during the quotation process. All our sales team have an in-depth understanding of the insurance policies available, non-standard options and any exceptions that may apply.

Once you’ve accepted our New Zealand Van Lines quotation, we will ask you to complete some important documentation so we can raise the Certificate of Insurance. For those who choose Valued Inventory Insurance over the Lump Sum Insurance option we provide a standard list of common household values. You should plan on getting your completed paperwork back to us at least five working days before your pack date. If you need assistance our Customer Services team will be delighted to oblige.

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making an insurance claim

In the unlikely event of an insurance claim all you need to do is contact our Wellington based insurance team.

We have our own in-house Insurance Manager to facilitate the claims process on your behalf.  We see handling claims as an extension of our service rather than a function of the insurance industry. Our goal is to ensure a prompt claims settlement.

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