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Destination Services (Settling In services)

At NZ Van Lines we know that moving people and their personal effects either internationally, or domestically can be time consuming and emotionally draining for employers, employees, and their families. It can be such a hurdle that high performers may not seek out or consider new opportunities when they arise.

In addition to moving, storing and insuring the transferee’s household goods many employers will offer a package of Destination Services. This encourages candidates to consider a new opportunity, involving permanent relocation. It is also well known that relocating a new or existing staff member is ‘high risk,’ particularly when a family or spouse fail to settle in at the new location.

NZ Van Lines work closely with both national and global networks of Destination Service Providers to support your employees and their families, upon their arrival at their new posting. We will only recommend a provider who can meet the lifestyle, work, and family needs of your employees on transfer. From a new graduate just starting out, to senior executives with children and pets our objective is the same. It is to get families into permanent housing, children into schools, transferee’s into work and most importantly provide emotional support to all the family.

A tailored Destination Services program may include these elements:

Needs Analysis Interview

In all instances there is an initial ‘Needs Analysis’ consultation conducted via ZOOM, between the chosen Destination Services Provider and transferee. This is a pre-departure consultation to better understand the needs of the family and identify specific concerns that require further research. Once these needs and concerns are identified a final program can be tailored.

Airport Pickup

A pickup service from the airport and safe transportation to the companies pre-booked temporary accommodation. The fridge will be stocked in advance (by the Destination Services Provider) with 2-3 days supplies.

Rental Furniture

Due to pressures on available housing stocks (and a desire to permanently settle) it is often necessary for transferee’s to take immediate possession of a property, prior to the arrival of their household goods and personal effects. By temporarily furnishing the new home with rental furniture, the family can get out of temporary accommodation and begin their new lives.

Temporary Accommodation Booking

The arrangement of temporary, apartment style accommodation at destination. This will often be organised within 2-3 days of the transferee’s arrival at their initial hotel booking. While this is usually a temporary arrangement it can be for up to 4 months, depending upon the arrival date of their household goods shipment.

Orientation and Home Search

Most employer’s will provide a bundle of hours so the Destination Services Provider can tailor the available hours to fit the needs of the family. This is a way for employer’s to cap the costs (by the hour) while also ensuring flexibility. Upon arrival at the host country a half or full day accompanied orientation tour will introduce the transferee and their family to their new environment.

The tour will highlight local sports clubs, healthcare facilities, banking, transportation, shopping, community facilities, school zoning, leisure activities and general housing options. Once the family’s lifestyle and budgetary needs are understood, a structured home search will be initiated.

Experienced Destination Services Providers have an intimate knowledge of local markets and good relationships with landlords. They will then arrange a schedule of accompanied open home visits, home inspections and landlord visits. Once a suitable property has been identified, they will also assist with lease negotiations and/or the completion of a purchase agreement.

School Search

Before departure, the Destination Services Provider will have already provided a detailed insight in to the education system and options. Upon arrival at the host location there will be a series of activities, pre-arranged for the transferee and their family. These can include accompanied school visits, selecting the right fit, interviewing for places and eventual enrolment at the school best suited to their children’s needs.

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