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JAN 29 2019

10 Hacks That Will Help You Move With Ease

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What is the first thing every person hears about moving once they start inquiring further into the matter? It's that moving is as complicated as it gets! While it is undeniably true that this is a challenging period, one that you will need a lot of strength and patience for, moving can be made easier. There are plenty of moving hacks that will help you move with ease while still staying within the budget and have the smooth relocation of your dreams. Take a look! 

1. The biggest hack of them all - finding a mover fast

In case you want to hire the most reputable movers out there, you have to act fast. The truth is that reliable moving professionals are booked weeks, if not months in advance, so there is no time to be wasted. Open up your laptop and start researching the moving companies near you. Look at the moving reviews and testimonials, and ask for moving quotes from a couple of different companies. You don't want to put all of your eggs in one basket at the beginning of your search. 

The clock is ticking – get a reliable moving professional ASAP.

 2. Make sure you get proper insurance    

We are sure you are a conscientious person who already has life and home insurance. You should treat your upcoming move the same way. Should anything bad happen, it is vital that you can claim insurance money after your property suffers damage. Moving is already expensive enough, so there is no need to add any potential extra charges to this endeavor. 

3. Call the utility companies

Forgetting to call the utility companies on time is something that regularly happens. People are wrapped up in worries about their upcoming relocation, and simply forget to pick up the phone and call. But that's all it takes - a few phone calls that won't take up much of your time. When it comes to the small hacks that will help you move with ease, this is one of them! After all, who else wishes to move into a house with no electricity or no Internet? So, at least 4 weeks before you move, make sure you call the following companies and inform them about your new address: 

  • Your cable and Internet providers
  • Gas and electricity companies
  • Other utility companies whose services you might be using

4. Eat up your food 

It really matters not whether you will be moving to Australia, America or across your hometown - you will always need to bring your fridge. Since perishable items are not allowed inside moving containers, you will have to empty out your fridge before moving. If you want to avoid throwing away good food, your only option is to use it up and eat it. So, refrain from buying groceries other than bread, eggs, and milk (in other words, the basics) and use up what you already have. This way, you are saving your hard earned money on groceries by not throwing away perfectly fine items. 

Hacks that will help you move with ease keep both your wallet and your stomach full.

5. Make the necessary arrangements for donation

Apparently, moving hacks involve a lot of phone calls. In case you have made a sizable donation pile while de-cluttering your home, you will need to make pick-up arrangements with the charity of your choice. This is especially a must if you are donating large furniture items, such as sofas. Enough space has to be made for receiving them. 

 Moving hacks that will help you move with ease revolve around packing

Arguably, packing is the most tedious part of every move. Unless you opt for packing services with your moving professionals, you will have to do this all by yourself (or with some help from your friends). Even if you get some help, packing will still be a nearly impossible task. But not with our packing hacks that will help you turn this endeavor completely to your advantage. 

6. Use your drawers

The drawers in your nightstand and in your kitchen cabinets have space that should not go to waste. They can help you reduce the number of moving boxes, which in turn helps you reduce the moving costs. All you need to do is make sure you cover the drawers in plastic wrap for protection, and you are good to go. 

7. Leave your clothes on the hangars

There is no need to buy specialized wardrobe boxes when you already have everything you need at your disposal. Skip the unnecessary extra work of taking your clothes off the racks, folding them, and then repeating the process at the new location. Just group them together and wrap them in large garbage bags. Your clothes will not come to any harm, we promise. 

Don’t bother yourself with any extra work.

8. Cover the lids of the opened bottles

In case you want to prevent your liquids from spilling, all you need is an item called plastic wrap. It's cheap, easily accessible and, most importantly, perfect for preventing the lids falling off and making a mess everywhere. Yes, moving hacks that will help you move with ease are as simple and as efficient as they can be. 

9. Color code your wires

All of your electronic gadgets and appliances come with plenty of wires. When moving, you will have to unplug all of your items, and then plug them back in at the new location. Since we assume you are not an electrician, putting everything back the way it was can be a living nightmare. To prevent this from happening, either take a picture of your wires while they are plugged in, or color code them. Attach a sticker with one color onto the wire, and another one to the exact place where that wire goes. 

10. Never forget to label your moving boxes

It is difficult to believe that something that sounds so simple and basic could be so easily forgotten. It doesn't matter whether you are putting your boxes in storage units or packing them for an intercontinental move - they should always be labeled. If a box is carrying fragile items, a big warning FRAGILE sign should be all over it. You don't wish for your movers to unintentionally throw it and cause any damage, do you? 

Well, there you have it - 10 moving hacks that will help you move with ease. Abide by all 10 of them, and you are guaranteed to have a smooth and enjoyable relocation. Let the days when moving was an inconvenience stay in the past by following our bits of advice!