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APR 25 2022

Tips on Moving during the Covid-19 pandemic

Posted by New Zealand Van Lines in advices

25 April 2022

While it’s not ideal to move during a global pandemic, circumstances change, and life goes on. Whether you are moving locally or internationally there are some basic safety precautions that can help protect you and your famil...

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APR 05 2022

Best Tips for Bringing Staff to New Zealand

Posted by New Zealand Van Lines in New Zealand, Moving

5 April 2022

Picking the right location is the first step to bringing your staff to NZ. Auckland is the country’s biggest city and economic capital and there’s a likelihood that it may be the most appropriate place to bring staff. However...

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DEC 22 2021

7 Top Tips for a Successful Staff Relocation

Posted by New Zealand Van Lines in New Zealand, Moving

22 December 2021

Start early on booking the moving company, telling your staff and your clients about the move. Everyone should have a clear idea of when it’s happening and where you’re moving to. Don’t wait until a week before you’re suppose...

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