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APR 20 2017


From the time one was first painted, New Zealand has held a certain enchantment. So when the curator suggested one join the “Warhol: Immortal” exhibition at the National Museum in Wellington, one found oneself unable to say 'no' for more reasons than one's mouth has no moving parts.

Travelling to New Zealand allowed one to join the collection of Andy Warhol artwork at their National Museum, a collection inspired by people, rather than the objects Warhol is often known for. There are only so many angles from which a person can view a can of soup or box of Brillo pads before their appreciation of art is tarnished. And while Warhol was an iconoclast who defined pop culture art, his depictions of one are evidence that deep down he was also civilised.

 One anticipated the first leg of the trip from the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh to Hawaii with some trepidation. The heat of the tropics does cause one's colours to run. Ordinarily, one prefers private charter to the cargo hold of a Boeing, but the temperature controlled lounge crate was quite comfortable. Even in minus two degrees at thirty thousand feet for the 30 hour journey to Auckland.

Away from the palace, good help is usually exceedingly difficult to find. But in this case one had the pleasure of meeting a chivalrous gentleman by the name of Craig Harris, International Manager at New Zealand Van Lines. 

One always travels with a personal chaperon, who ensures one is disembarked safely, with grace and only by authorised personnel. New Zealand Van Lines played a major role in the New Zealand logistics, allowing one's chaperon to focus on keeping one secure. They even had a New Zealand Van Lines chariot to greet one on the Auckland Airport tarmac.

New Zealand Van Lines Delivers Ma'am Safely to her Destination

Travel arrangements can go awry. The risk of delayed flights, misplaced items and damaged goods are always present. However it’s the idea of being hijacked by art thieves that causes one's stiff upper lip to quaver.  New Zealand Van Lines arranged alternative road routes and reported upon one's GPS location as they drove through the night. One's hosts at the National Museum were kept splendidly informed throughout.

New Zealand Van Lines delivered one safely to our destination, at the servant’s hour before dawn. Rapid change in temperature is never good for one's constitution, so one relaxed and acclimatised gently in the temperature controlled New Zealand Van Lines trailer lounge for 48 hours before being brought before one's subjects.

One’s entourage includes 169 artworks worth many millions of dollars and New Zealand Van Lines ensured that moving to New Zealand went swimmingly. One feels that for such an accomplished organisation, moving Charles and the grand children to the summer palace would be a doddle.

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