Moving Furniture To Australia: Selecting The Right Moving Company For You

Moving furniture to Australia (and people) is for most folks, a rare or even once-in-a-lifetime experience, and your move can bring with it a great deal of stress. If you have ever had to make a choice between companies for moving furniture overseas, you may have found the decision is not always easy. Making the choice to select the right company to move your furniture can be daunting. As one of New Zealand’s leading companies for moving to Australia, New Zealand Van Lines is pleased to share with you some advice along with some basic steps that will help you choose the international mover that is best for you.

Starting off

  • Word of mouth can be a great help in selecting companies for moving furniture to Australia. Ask your friends or family or work colleagues if they have had positive experiences with any particular moving company.

  • Talk to local real estate agents or check the web to find moving companies in your area that have an actual bricks and mortar address.

  • Ensure you select moving companies which have the leading industry recognised certification FIDI-FAIM
    Review their affiliations and accreditations. Make sure they are members of meaningful international organisations, such as NZOMA, OMNI

  • Once you’ve made a list of prospects, do your homework and get the full company name (along with “trading as” names), the number of years in business, address and phone numbers, website and email addresses and any references.

Obtaining moving quotes

  • Reputable moving companies will want to visit your home to view the items to be moved in order to provide an accurate quotation.

  • Beware of quotes given over the phone or the Internet. The way you describe your belongings and the way a moving company views them can substantially differ, leading to changes in pricing. Additionally, when you move, you will find that the charge is based on the actual volume being moved, as well as your starting point and destination. A face-to-face meeting will ensure full transparency and accurate pricing from the beginning.

  • During the on-site visit, take the time to show the representative every item you wish to have moved. You could easily overlook items in the garage or maybe a major piece of furniture not on site, but doing so could lead to additional charges being applied further down the track. And remember, this should be a two-way conversation. The mover should be asking you lots of questions so they can price the job accurately and prepare adequately for the move.

  • The representative should present a professional image and display in-depth knowledge of the removals business

  • Inquire about insurance options. Transit insurance provides protection from loss or damage to your possessions. The insurance option you choose determines the basis upon which any claim will be paid and the maximum liability of the moving company. Be wary of quotes that are substantially lower than others you’ve obtained. “Low-ball” quotes can result in a significantly lower quality service, or they could be an indication of a moving company who plans to “up” the price once you’re locked in.

Names and reputations set moving companies apart

It can be tempting to choose a moving company that promises to offer the lowest price. But when you are considering something as important as moving your furniture and personal effects, as well as the significant investment involved in moving, you are far better off selecting from one of the “brand name” moving companies. Moving is an area where experience counts and reputations are well-earned, because taking a chance with the wrong moving companies could be costly in more ways than one.

Reviewing multiple moving companies’ quotations

  • References are important. If a removal company wasn’t recommended by someone you know, ask for the names and phone numbers of satisfied customers. Then call them!

  • Consider the attentiveness and knowledgeability of the moving consultant. Do you have confidence that he or she will be there to help you through the entire process?

  • Take a drive past the mover’s office or warehouse. Does it reflect the level of quality and professionalism you expect in a service provider? Are the vehicles and staff well-presented?

  • Ensure the moving company has sufficient resources to handle your relocation without the need to rely on subcontractors.

By following these points you’ll be making sure your move to Australia is a successful one! Get in touch with NZ Van Lines 0800 362 236 for a free no-obligation quote and start your journey to Australia! 

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