All You Need to Know Before Moving to Australia From NZ

As our close neighbours boast stunning beaches, liveable city options and in some cases career progression, Australia has become a popular location for any New Zealander to settle. Despite being a familiar location to many, there are still many things that should be considered when making your move to Australia a smooth and successful one. NZ Van lines specialises in premium worldwide moving, to make that move smoother for all we have collated some information about what you need to know before moving to Australia from New Zealand.  


Visa requirements in Australia 

New Zealand citizens travelling to Australia do not need to apply for a visa before entering the country. Once you have moved to Australia it will be necessary to get an Australian bank account and apply for a visa. The special category visa (subclass 444) is the most applicable first step for those that live and work in Australia. If you wish for a more permanent visa solution, you may wish to seek permanent residency in Australia. If this is the case you would then need to apply for a permanent visa to begin this process, as a permanent resident you may then be allowed to work towards becoming an Australian citizen eventually.  


How do I transfer money from NZ to AU? 

To move money from a New Zealand bank account to an Australian bank account, the best option is to use a money transferring service. These can often be done online, or you may choose a foreign exchange provider recommended by your bank. As Australia and New Zealand have many banks and processes in common, the process is often simpler than in other countries. Through the transfer service, you can generally transfer via an online bank account, credit card, debit card, Apple Pay, Google Pay or PayPal. Depending on your method of transfer, the money can be transferred to your Australian bank account on the same day, with NZ dollars converted into Australian dollars available in your new account.  

NZ Van Lines has partnered with a trustworthy global payment and foreign exchange expert, XE Money Transfer. XE Money Transfer offers fast, secure, and straightforward international payment services, as well as personalized currency advice. For New Zealand residents who wish to transfer money from NZ to Australia, creating an account with XE Money Transfer is free and easy. 


Healthcare in Australia 

Under the reciprocal healthcare agreement New Zealand has with Australia, all New Zealand citizens are eligible for emergency medical care if required while staying in Australia. If you are moving for a short term stay you will want to consider travel and health insurance to cover the cost of any other medical care that may be required. For those that are moving to Australia for a long term stay, or permanently you will then need to sign up for the Australian medical system called Medicare. To be a part of the Australian Medicare system you must also follow the ‘100 points system’ to supply proof that you are living in Australia.  


Requirements for buying a house in Australia 

As a NZ citizen living in Australia, you will have the same rights as a standard Australian home buyer, although this may vary between states. In New South Wales you will be required to stay in the state for a minimum of 200 days before you are allowed to purchase a home. In the state of Queensland NZ buyers must pay additional fees if it is discovered that they travelled to Australia for the sole purpose of buying a home. 

The process of buying property is comparable to New Zealand, with standard protocols such as visiting open homes, putting an offer on the home or property and securing the home with a mortgage.   


Making the move to Australia 

Thinking about your move to Australia can be a consuming task, NZ Van Lines has given you an insight into what to expect when applying for a visa, buying a home, foreign exchange and healthcare. When moving any household goods or contents to a new country, NZ Van lines offers a reputable international moving service that will make the move easier for you. Whether your load is small or big, when making the move to Australia contact NZ Van Lines to help you move. Request a free moving quote online.  

To ensure a smooth relocation and timely delivery of your belongings to Australia with NZ Van Lines, it is advisable to book your move as early as possible, accounting for any potential delays. We recommend making your booking 6-8 weeks prior to your scheduled move or retrieval date. By doing so, you can relocate your items with ease and have them arrive on time in Australia. 

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