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Australia -The Land of Opportunity

Following the opening of New Zealand’s borders, it’s no surprise that our phones are ringing off the hook with kiwis, returning Australians and foreign nationals all looking to move across the ditch.

This surge in demand is twofold. For individuals and families wanting to improve their lives the combination of similar cultures, lower food costs, higher wages and more affordable housing is very compelling. The border re-openings also mean it’s business as usual for retirees and life-styler’s chasing the warmer climates, adventure, and natural beauty of everything Australia has to offer.

NZ Van Lines # 1 to Australia

NZ Van Lines is the perfect partner for your forthcoming move. Australia is our highest volume and most popular destination. For over 35 years we have consistently delivered quality removal services to our customers making the move to Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane, the Gold Coast and everywhere in between.

Your Perfect Partner for Moving to Australia

In addition to our company fast facts, here are 5 reasons why New Zealand Van Lines is your perfect moving partner to Australia.

1. We will get you there on time

You will be aware that the global pandemic has exposed New Zealand’s vulnerability to supply chain disruption, within the international shipping industry. At its worst containers were left in the wrong locations, ports were missed, and capacity was reduced due to new vessel routings and container shortages.

NZ Van Lines are in the best position to get you there on time and on budget. Our moving group is New Zealand’s biggest volume mover to Australia. We annually export several thousand individual customer shipments across the ditch. These volumes give us the certainty to forward plan and pre-order container slots, even before our customers have booked.

2. We have a full range of services

After 35 years of building our Australian partner network NZ Van Lines can deliver a complete ‘door to door’ service to any corner of this vast continent.

Our service starts at home with the appointment of a dedicated moving consultant to assist you every step of the way. This includes everything from the packing and uplift of your shipment, the preparation and lodgement of key documents right through to a full clearance and delivery service in Australia.

Whether you’re moving with just a few items, or a full house load we treat all customers as a priority. If your consignment is a smaller one, less time sensitive or you’re on a tight budget, our shared container ‘groupage’ service is a popular option. You still receive the same personalised packing and delivery services, but only pay for your share of the container costs.

Of course, our service includes much more than moving your household goods. We can get you there by either air or sea, or a combination of both, depending on your needs. In addition, we provide secure storage options (at both origin and destination), pet moving, motor vehicle and motorbike relocations, fully comprehensive marine insurance, and a range of settling in programmes at destination.

3. We have the expertise

Our goal is to make your relocation experience as seamless and stress free as possible. Moving your household goods to Australia is not something you should leave to chance. There are strict import and regulatory requirements to consider.

All shipments by air and sea are subject to some form of AQIS bio-security Inspection. Sole use shipping containers therefore cannot be delivered direct to residence. While the shipping of motor vehicles to Australia is very popular, we recommend you are well versed in the pre-approval and clearance processes, prior to making that decision.

Every year our moving group handle several thousand private and corporate shipments into and out of Australia. You can be assured our international relocations team are experts in their field, they know the exact regulations. Starting with your Unaccompanied Personal Effects Statement we will provide you with the correct documentation and advice to facilitate a seamless hand over to our Australian destination service partners.

4. We set the standard

NZ Van Lines provide our customers with ‘peace of mind’ by partnering them with Australia’s best moving companies, to clear and deliver their effects upon arrival in Australia. Unlike other Trans-Tasman providers that use their own branches, franchise locations or ‘sister companies’, (irrespective of quality and suitability) we only partner with companies that meet the highest industry standards and regularly exceed our customer’s expectations. These relationships are not new, they have been developed over 35 years of New Zealand Van Lines moving customers into and out of Australia.

For additional security all NZ Van Lines customer files and personal information are transferred seamlessly to our destination service partners, via the same integrated move management platform. This enables essential staff full access to the correct information at both ends of the relocation process. We retain visibility over our customer files so we can monitor the complete ‘lifetime’ of each service. In addition, you can be assured that personal information is only available to third parties on an individual ‘need to know’ basis. 

5. We are Premium not pricey

As New Zealand’s Premium Moving Company our business has been built on the concept of being ‘premium not pricey’. You will find us to be reasonably priced. Importantly, we include all standard Australia clearance and delivery charges in our ‘door to door’ quotations. There are no hidden costs or unexpected surprises when you arrive.

One of the primary reasons we can provide a cost-effective, premium service is the volume of personal effects we are moving to all corners of Australia. Having such a vibrant corporate and private moving business enables us to route all our shared (groupage) and sole use containers directly into the most logical port city, not an isolated clearing centre on the opposite coast.

Due to limited volumes many of our competitors are unable to operate a timely shared container (groupage) service. Their customers can experience long delays, which then results in additional cost and inconvenience. Even for customers moving within tight timeframes we can generally provide a firm groupage sailing date. We will explore and present all the options, rather than ask customers to pay for a full container that may only be half or a quarter full.

High praise for the service provided and compliments to the staff on their professionalism and helpfulness.


Excellent service and a great team of people to deal with at NZ Van lines, both in the office and on the ground when it came to uplifting our effects. Everything
was efficient and went to plan, and our effects arrived safely and on schedule in France. Highly recommend!


NZ Van Lines were a pleasure to deal with. They made the process stress-free and their team did an exceptional job with a fantastic, professional, and
flexible attitude.


Lovely friendly team who was well run and organised getting our house items set up and delivered. Very happy with service.


International Shipping to Australia

If you are considering a move to Australia we will provide a seamless door-to-door process. As New Zealand’s biggest volume international mover you can be assured that NZ Van Lines has the best shipping options to meet even the tightest deadlines. 

Air Freight

Air Freight shipments are generally needed when there are specific personal effects required, within a short time frame. Many customers will have a smaller air freight shipment arriving in advance of their sea freight. This is a popular option for customers moving into longer term transit accommodation while they wait for their primary shipment, or self-employed workers setting up their home office.

Sea Freight Sole-Use Container

Sole-use 20’ or 40’ shipping containers are most often used for complete house loads, and can include additional items e.g. motor vehicles. They are the most efficient and quickest option for a direct door-to-door service. 

Sea Freight Shared Container

Shared or Groupage Containers are a popular choice, often being used for small shipments or when two to three households of personal effects can be consolidated into the same container. Generally, a shared container is very cost effective, as you only pay for the space you use. They are especially popular with less time sensitive customers.

Our Services

International Packing

As New Zealand’s premium worldwide moving company, our removals and packing team are the best in the industry. Our professional moving staff are trained to international packing standards, and have years of experience in export wrapping and packing, stowing, storing, and moving household goods. We will pack everything using materials that are specifically designed to protect your household effects in transit. 


NZ Van Lines will prepare a detailed inventory of all your items prior to loading; numbering, describing and labelling each item. This document key to ensuring the safe transit of your effects as it is checked and cross-checked while your shipment progresses from uplift through to delivery.

Loading and Transport

Your consignment will be loaded into a secured shipping container for shipment by sea or a customised airfreight container for transportation to Australia. NZ Van Lines will transport the consignment to the departure port / terminal.

Vehicles / Boats

Cars, motorbikes, trailers, boats etc. are received at our depot for loading, unless collection has been requested. A vehicle condition report will be completed upon arrival at our facility.

Vehicles will be secured in the container; in some instances these will be framed within the container when loaded along with household effects. Motorbikes will have custom built crates.


NZ Van Lines will prepare all the export documentation and arrange outward Customs clearance procedures, and manage payments of freight, port or terminal charges at origin and destination.


We will manage the clearance of the shipment, excluding Customs duties or taxes or any subsequent treatments ordered as a result of inspection.


Your household effects will be safely transported from the port of arrival to your residence. Please note this will be via store to meet local Customs and Quarantine inspection and clearance requirements.

Vehicles will be collected from our Australian partners facility, alternatively delivery can be arranged.


All items will be placed in the appropriate rooms in your new residence, furniture items disassembled by NZ Van Lines will be reassembled.

Items will be unwrapped and placed on a flat surface such as a bench top or table top. 

We will assist with the removal of waste packing materials following delivery.

Popular australian destinations



Moving to ADELAIDE

NZ Van Lines is your reliable moving provider when it comes to a professional, stress-free move from NZ to Adelaide, South Australia.


Moving to Brisbane

New Zealand Van Lines has been helping Kiwis relocate to Brisbane since 1986. We provide a range of comprehensive moving solutions to Brisbane. 




Planning a relocation to Melbourne, Victoria? Our team are here to help you every step of the way!


Moving to PERTH

From careful planning through to the move, our team will handle the entire relocation to Perth efficiently and professionally.



Moving to SYDNEY

New Zealand Van Lines has been helping Kiwis relocate to Sydney since 1986. We provide a range of comprehensive moving solutions to Sydney. 

Australian Customs and Quarantine Regulations

The customs clearance services included are done so on the basis of your goods being able to be cleared as normal personal and household effects upon first presentation to the clearing authorities.

We would remind you that duty and/or tax free entry of your effects and/or vehicle into Australia is not an automatic entitlement. This will depend on a variety of factors including your status e.g. Citizen returning to resume permanent residence, entering on a work visa to undertake a work contract, entering on a visitor visa for a temporary visit etc., together with the length of ownership of the items being moved and, in some instances, the nature of the items themselves.

You are urged to ensure that you are clear as to your legal status and entitlements as we cannot accept any responsibility for delays and subsequent costs arising due to non-compliance with the import regulations in Australia. 

Vehicle Shipping NZ to Australia

NZ Van Lines can assist with the shipping of your vehicle(s) from New Zealand to Australia. 

In many instances vehicles entering Australia may be subject to Customs duty / tax. All vehicles (with the exception of returning vehicles that have previously been registered in Australia), will require a valuation on arrival.

In addition to Customs requirements you will need to ensure your vehicle complies with current Australian safety standards, and obtain an approval to import from the Department of Transportation in Canberra. It is important that you research these standards and ensure your vehicle will comply, and obtain the import approval prior to the vehicle being shipped. 

For further information about importing a road vehicle into Australia click here

Inheritance Shipments

Beneficiary must supply a copy of the will naming them as a beneficiary, or alternatively a letter from the executor will be required.

Quarantine Regulations

All household and personal effects entering Australia are subject to a physical examination by the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (DAFF). This examination is conducted at DAFF approved premises and will cause delays of up to 14 working days after the arrival of the consignment into Australia. The Quarantine examination also means that sole use containers cannot be delivered direct to residence in Australia.

Items of interest to DAFF include all items that may have come into contact with soil and vegetation such as gardening equipment, bicycles, scooters etc., sporting and camping equipment e.g., golf clubs and buggies, cleaning equipment, brooms, mops, vacuum cleaner waste bags and the like. These items should be thoroughly cleaned before shipping. Please note however prior cleaning and other treatment (Fumigation, steam cleaning etc.) does not ensure automatic clearance. DAFF will order further treatment if in their opinion the items being imported present a quarantine risk.

Please also be conscious of festive decorations and wreathes containing dried vegetation matter, including pine cones and the like. If imported these items will be subject to further treatment or destruction. Further information is available here

Please note all personal and household effects consignments are subject to Quarantine and examination fees. The fee covers DAFF inspector’s attendance and entry processing, removalist’s cost of licensing, software, administration, audit compliance, warehousing as well as the unpacking and repacking items designated for inspection. Fees will be provided in our quotation. 

NZ Van Lines Movers Insurance

Moving from one location to another involves navigating many challenges, and one of them is concern for the safe transport of your household goods and personal effects.

NZ Van Lines provide a complete range of transit insurance options, while your possessions are under our care. You will have full protection for damages, partial or total loss, from the moment our packers arrive at your home, until you take delivery and are unpacked, at your destination.

Secure storage solutions

NZ Van Lines provides a broad range of storage solutions for both short and long-term requirements. We can assist with secure and affordable options in either New Zealand or Australia before or after your household goods are shipped to Australia.

our standards and accrediations

FIDI is the world’s largest global alliance of international moving and relocation companies, with members in over 100 countries. All FIDI affiliated companies have one thing in common: their high level of quality service - and we prove it.

IAM (The International Association of Movers) is the moving and forwarding industry's largest global trade association. With more than 2,000 members, it comprises companies that provide moving, forwarding, shipping and logistics in over 170 countries.

OMNI (Overseas Moving Network International) is a network of the world's finest corporate moving and relocation companies operating on every continent. Represented worldwide by companies that have demonstrated the excellence of their service, market influence, financial security and innovation.

NZOMA (New Zealand Overseas Movers Association) is a national organisation for members who are quality accredited with a global industry specific standard, whose objectives include delivering high professional, financial, ethical, operational standards, and leadership for the New Zealand international moving industry.

Coromandel New Zealand

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Frequently Asked Questions

This varies a great deal and depends on numerous factors, but typically we recommend providing us with 2 weeks’ notice. However, in the unpredictable world of moving house, we appreciate it doesn’t always work this way and we will always strive to accommodate your move even if we have just a few hours’ notice! As New Zealand’s largest privately owned household removals company we have access to a large pool of resources to ensure we can meet any last-minute requirements.

Yes, we can provide fully comprehensive insurance cover at reasonable rates to give you total peace of mind. Please refer to our section on moving insurance. 

If you have requested to do your own packing, you only need to concern yourself with the smaller items which fit into boxes. All other items will be wrapped for full protection.

If we’re doing all the packing, – very little – we will pack directly from cupboards and shelves. If you are doing some or all of the packing yourselves, you need to have this completed by uplift date. Our Moving Consultant will prepare a quotation outlining what has been agreed to regarding dismantling and packing furniture, noting also any items which are not to be moved. However the following rules usually apply: 

  • Washing machines should be disconnected with drum-fixing brackets in place prior to moving day
  • Attics should be emptied unless we have specifically agreed to do this for you
  • Fridges and freezers should be emptied and dried. Placement of tea bags inside such appliances will prevent unpleasant odours
  • Items not to go with the shipment, such as important paperwork (especially passports!) and keys need to be placed out of the way to avoid inadvertent packing

You can import alcohol into Australia, however you will need to declare a complete list of all bottles, depicting alcohol type and style, size of bottle (ozs. or mls), % of bottle content if bottle not full, alcoholic content of liquor as a % of volume, country of production, value. All alcoholic beverages will be subject to customs duty and GST. Beer, Wine and Spirits all attract extremely high levels of duty and GST. (Recommendation – consume before you go!).

Absolutely – all of all Australian locations offer clean secure storage facilities. 

You certainly can, however, it is important that you follow our Packing Guidelines to ensure that your effects are packed to an acceptable standard. A clearly labelled inventory listing will also be required. Please make sure that no banana or other fruit boxes are used for packing. 

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