5 Reasons To Move To Cromwell

Thinking of trading in peak hour traffic for fresh air, mountains, rivers and wine country? Say goodbye to the big city and say hello to Cromwell, South Island! Cromwell is known for being a mountain retreat town with amazing fresh produce, award-winning wine and super friendly people.

If you’ve been thinking of hanging your hat in Cromwell, we’ll give you five good reasons to move there in this post!

Wholesome family lifestyle

You don’t need a family to move to Cromwell but, if you have one, you’ll quickly find that it’s the place to be. Family life in Cromwell is all about picking fresh fruit on the weekends, or taking the boat out and going fishing in the summer holidays. Cromwell is a place where kids grow up with enough space in the backyard to play cricket or soccer.

Schools are less crowded

Another bonus of moving to Cromwell is the fact that, like in most country towns, the schools are less crowded. Instead of having 30 kids in a class, the classrooms are usually smaller, giving the teacher more individual time with each student. Students are likely to benefit from this, as teachers can spend more time focussing on what each student finds most challenging.


If you’ve checked out Cromwell on a map, you’ll have seen that it’s a stone’s throw away from New Zealand’s adventure sport playground, Queenstown. Less than an hour’s drive from the famous resort town, weekends in Cromwell are never boring. In summer it’s all about white water rafting, speedboating and biking and in the winter, you can chuck on your skis and hit the fields!

Wine and produce

Cromwell is well-known for its world class wine. Particularly famous for producing some of the finest Pinot Noirs in the world, the Cromwell Basin is the perfect home for a wine lover. It’s also home to many local fruit farms that produce delicious cherries, peaches and other stone fruits. There are farmers’ stalls on the street which sell this amazing fresh produce – it’s a true farm-to-table lifestyle.


If you’re in the industry of horticulture, viticulture or tourism, there’s plenty of work for you in Cromwell. Whether you see yourself as being the head winemaker of a local winery, or simply setting up an Airbnb, you’ll never be short of work in Cromwell.

Moving to Cromwell is a big lifestyle change, so you want to make sure you start off on the right foot. Hiring a team of reputable professional movers like NZ Van Lines is the first thing to do! They help Kiwis move all over New Zealand and beyond. Get in contact with NZ Van Lines and start planning your move to Cromwell today. Call 0800 362 236 to request a free, no obligation moving quote.

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