5 Best Tips for Corporate Moving

Fresh cardboard boxes, sticky tape, post-it notes and labels: this is what a successful corporate relocation looks like! Moving the business into a bigger, better, brighter location? Marking a new era of success and growth? Or perhaps moving to a smaller location, adapting to a more flexible work set-up. So, how do we carry out a corporate move? That’s a great question and, in this post, we’ll give you our five best tips for corporate moving.

1) Secure a great location

Tip number one: find the best location possible. Location, as you already know, is one of the most important parts of your business. Consider proximity to the city, being in a visible and convenient location and finding the perfectly sized space to meet your business needs.

2) Talk to a professional mover

You can’t move your whole office on your own. Sit down with a professional moving team and start a moving plan. Their advice is going to help you, figuring out what to move, how to move it, and when to move it. A detailed moving plan will help not only you but also your employees to understand the logistics of the move.

3) Be communicative with your staff

Your office move is going to affect your employees in some way or another. If you’re moving to a different part of town, it could mean an increased commute time, so be as understanding as possible, explain why it’s a necessary move. Give each employee a role in the lead up to the move. This helps to spread the load and gives everyone a responsibility.

4) Tell everybody!

Now it’s time to start spreading the word of the move. This could include telling clients and partners, suppliers, insurance providers and utility providers. Make sure you use your social media accounts to their full extent with this one too. Read our blog about the 7 top tips for a successful staff relocation.

5) Cut down on unnecessary equipment

Get rid of anything you don’t really use; place it on an online marketplace, give it to charity or creatively use it for upcycling. If selling, put the money towards an office party for when COVID regulations finally lift.

You should know exactly where each desk, each computer and each piece of equipment is going to go in your new office space. Let all the employees know about the new floor plan too.

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