Why Moving Abroad Doesn’t Have to Be a Headache

Most of us dream of moving abroad and all the freedom it would bring. But even though most of us would love to move abroad, barely any of us actually do it. Why is that? It may be because we’re not that desperate to see somewhere different or experience a new lifestyle – or, it could be because moving abroad is (wrongly) perceived as a headache. If this is what’s been holding you back from pulling the trigger on moving to the country of your dreams, you should keep reading. Moving abroad certainly doesn’t have to be a headache, and here’s why:

The world is opening back up

COVID-19 hindered many aspects of life, including travel. fact, it was a rough start to the decade in general. But the world is well and truly opening back up, and life is a whole lot easier and freer for the overwhelming majority of Kiwis who are vaccinated. So, the whole ‘international borders’ headache is no longer a valid excuse for putting off moving abroad.

New Zealanders have it lucky

New Zealanders have always had it lucky when moving abroad. Being part of the Commonwealth, it’s a straightforward process for us to get working visas in places like Australia, the UK and Canada. It’s also easy to get working visas in other Western countries like the US and places in Europe.

It’s never been easier with technology

No matter where you’re moving to, it’s never been easier to get by over there. Directions, translations, documents and plane tickets are now able to be dialled up within a matter of seconds using your phone.

There are more English speakers now than ever

Another way in which Kiwis are lucky when moving abroad is the fact that English is taught in so many countries across the world. In Europe, for example, English is spoken by a huge portion of the population, due to increasing quality in education.

NZ Van Lines will help you get there

And the best part? Moving your belongings over there never has to be a headache ever again, thanks to the team at NZ Van Lines. They help Kiwis like you move abroad every day, and they’ve shipped people everywhere from cultural capitals like Paris and Rome, to remote villages in South America. NZ Van Lines are the country’s experts on international relocations, studying the ins and outs of whichever country you’re moving to and then getting your belongings there reliably and affordably. Grab a quote from NZ Van Lines today, and stop worrying about the ‘headaches’ of moving abroad.

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