Top Reasons Why People Relocate

Relocating to a different city or country is one of the most significant things a person can do in their life. There are plenty of reasons why people relocate: it might be for a job, for love or simply to try something different. Here are some top reasons why we relocate, and why we choose NZ Van Lines to do it.

Try something different

One of the best reasons why we relocate is a simple, yet personal reason: to try something different or new. Sometimes, we feel like there’s more to life than the same streets we’ve been walking, the same people we’ve met, the same drive to work and the same drive home. If you feel like you might be outgrowing your current home, then a relocation is probably something you’ve considered. And why not?


It’s a ritual for students starting a degree to move to a different place for university. Whether this means heading to a bigger city to undertake a degree, or heading to France, Canada or the Netherlands on an exchange program, education is one of the best reasons to move to a different place. After all, if you could benefit from an educational program, while seeing somewhere completely new and different, you’d be silly not to take that opportunity!


Getting a new job is another great reason for people relocating. If your work is lucky enough to take you to different places, then this is something that should be embraced. It’s also a lot easier to make friends and establish a social life when you’re relocating for work, because you’ll be spending time with other expats and locals from the office.


Moving for love is one of the best things you can do to show your partner you’re committed. If you’re a romantic type and you’re willing to move cities or countries for a partner, you’ll be able to understand them on a deeper level, seeing where their life is staged and where they grew up.


Moving as a growing family is another top reason to move. A bit more space for the kids to run in the backyard and access to better schools are two benefits of moving for your family.

Whatever reason for relocating, the team at NZ Van Lines will help you do it. They’ve helped relocate thousands of Kiwis, starting their new life in a new place. With competitive quotes and a service that is second to none, NZ Van Lines are your go-to team for relocation.

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