Packing Tips for Moving House

If you’re planning to move soon, packing up your house can go two ways. The first way involves you being super confused, not knowing where to start. We want to avoid that method of packing and moving. The second way involves a thought-out packing plan, help from a professional packing team and a smooth moving experience! This is what we’ll aim for today, as we give you our top packing tips for moving house.

Hire a team of packers and movers

You can’t pack all that stuff up by yourself. The very first step you should take when packing your house is to contact your moving company. Just call up the most reliable moving company, which is of course NZ Van Lines, and book in with them. This way, you’ll get everything done so much quicker including packing services and, if you’re not comfortable with disassembling large pieces of furniture, they’ll be able to take care of that stuff for you.

Think outside the box

You probably don’t have high-quality wrapping and packing paper. Even if you do, we encourage you to be crafty and use what you’ve got. Towels and socks are the perfect makeshift option for wrapping delicate materials. They’re soft and prevent your stuff from scratching or being damaged. And you don’t have to worry about packing them separately.


If you’ve got plenty of time on your hands, you want to make sure that you’re categorising everything that you pack. Keep your kitchen items in the same box, your bathroom and toiletry items in the same box and your bedroom goods in the same box. Once you get into the rhythm of categorising your stuff, you’ll be on track to packing your house in no time. It’ll also make it much easier when it comes to unpacking because everything will be in the same place!

Ask for more help

Need some extra help? Don’t worry – your moving company should be able to help. Most top-quality moving companies will be able to take on some additional tasks for you, other than transporting your boxes in their trucks. A full-service move includes packing, transporting and unpacking, meaning you have to do less work and it all gets done in a shorter space of time.

We hope our packing tips have helped you out big time. If you need a team of excellent packers, contact the team at NZ Van Lines. They’re New Zealand’s premier moving company, using their fantastic staff, state of the art equipment and reliable fleet of moving vans to get your stuff from A to B in no time. Begin the new chapter of your life in the best way possible – by hiring the packers at NZ Van Lines for a totally stress-free move. Give them a call 0800 362 236 and get a free no-obligation quote.

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