Our People & Our Culture

Our People & Our Culture

NZ Van Lines understand that customers expect a high level of functionality. By putting customers at the heart of our business we embrace the dual responsibility of getting the logistics right, while also delivering a personalised, bespoke moving experience.

Our organisational culture is based upon the qualities of Aotearoa New Zealand, the country we represent: a tolerant, diverse, inclusive, and welcoming society.

The principles that guide us and provide purpose and direction to our daily internal and external interactions are:

Our People & Our Culture

The four pillars that give ‘life’ in our customer interactions are:


Our People Make the Difference

We understand that having the right people in the right jobs is what determines the success of every individual relocation. We match the right people to the right jobs. 

Our staff are not only skilled in all aspects of the moving process, they are also passionate about customer service. For added ‘peace of mind’ NZ Van Lines has strict recruitment guidelines and mandatory security checks prior to employing new staff.


Put Relationships First

Our relationship with each customer will extend well beyond the lifetime of their individual relocation event. To deliver a seamless and positive customer experience our business systems and processes are directly linked to customer success, not what’s most expedient for us. 

We know that for many, moving can be a stressful and anxious time. Our approach therefore is to communicate in a positive and constructive manner while taking the time to understand each customer’s unique needs.


Connecting Our Values to Customer Outcomes

Having strategies that link our values to positive outcomes is imperative to achieving customer success. We are ultimately judged on our ability to meet expectations across the lifetime of a relocation, not just the beginning. In the event of delays in transit or unforeseen circumstances we act quickly to identify the issue, contact the customer, and deliver the best possible solution or remedy. We communication in ‘real time’ by text, phone, or video rather than email.


Taking Feedback and Learnings from Customers

Customers are our first port of call when identifying what needs to improve in our business.

Delivering excellent service isn’t something that happens in isolation or by accident. As New Zealand’s largest corporate and government mover we have a culture of continuous improvement embedded into our business. Meaningful customer reviews and performance indicators are applied to all aspects of our service, along with early detection of improvement areas, and timelines to implement change.

The Team from NZ Van Lines we’re professional in all aspects of the customer comes first. The team went out of there way to meet my expectations of moving my family. I recommend NZ Van Lines to any family who is moving home. Friendly professional and excellent service. Thank you to the team from the Apiata Whanau."
Willie Apiata VC
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