Moving Insurance

Look after your belongings while they’re travelling – just in case.

Transit Insurance

In the same way that you have contents insurance in your own home, it makes sense to insure your belongings for transit or storage. New Zealand Van Lines offers comprehensive transit insurance cover through a marine open policy, giving you complete peace of mind when you’re moving a lifetime of treasures.

You will need to complete an Insurance Survey or Certificate of Insurance (your New Zealand Van Lines consultant can help). We provide a standard list of common household items with approximate values; you will need to consider the age, condition and current value (or replacement value if it’s under five years old) of your specific items.

Insurance Coverage

Comprehensive transit insurance arranged by New Zealand Van Lines (and underwritten by Vero) will indemnify you for accidental loss or damage to your household goods and personal effects. Your insurance begins from the time the items declared for insurance are packed, and continues during transit until your goods are delivered to your new home.

Electrical & Mechanical Derangement Insurance

This is available in addition to the transit insurance policy, and covers the derangement of electrical and mechanical goods such as washing machines and televisions. Derangement can sometimes occur during transit, despite there being no evidence of physical damage. A separate listing for this protection must be completed.

Storage Insurance

The transit policy covers your goods whilst in storage for 30 days for domestic moves or 60 days for international moves. Should further storage be required, you will need to request a policy extension to keep the policy current.

Claims Procedure

New Zealand Van Lines has an established and well-proven procedure for claims handling. If your shipment sustains any damage during transit, contact our office so that a claim form can be emailed to you. Upon receipt of the completed form, New Zealand Van Lines will work with our insurance broker to ensure prompt settlement is achieved.

For more information about relocation insurance, contact the friendly New Zealand Van Lines team today.

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