Moving A Business Checklist

It’s not every day that we pack up our business and shift it to a bigger, better location. Considering we don’t often relocate our businesses, it’s normal for us to be confused, overwhelmed and nervous about the move. What if we forget something? What if it doesn’t all go to plan? These questions can sit heavy on your mind if you don’t do enough preparation.

In this post, we’ll go through an essential checklist of things to do when moving a business. Then, we’ll explain why NZ Van Lines are your team of choice when it comes to office relocation.

Organise the movers

A good moving service is usually busy, so you want to organise the moving date with your movers of choice pretty much immediately. Otherwise, you could be left with nobody to help you if you leave it too long, causing you setbacks and headaches. 

Inventory checklist

A sub-checklist on your moving-a-business checklist will be your inventory. Here, go through all the rooms in your business space and write down all the things you’re bringing to the new location. Then, write a separate list of items you no longer need.

Get rid of unnecessary items

Then, get rid of the items in the office that you don’t need. This can be done by organising hard rubbish, selling items on Trade Me or giving it away to local charities. If you’re selling some items, it’s a great idea to put the extra cash towards throwing an office party in the new space!  

Organise utilities

Every business is going to need power, water and gas in their new location. Talk to your providers, or go to a market-comparing website and figure out the best deal for your situation.

Notify suppliers and clients

Whatever kind of business you’re running, you’d be nothing without the people who power it, whether they be suppliers, clients or customers. Make sure everybody who needs to know about the move, knows about it. Use signage, mailing lists and social media to get the point across.


Now it’s time to get your business running in your new location and celebrate the dawn of a new era.

Go with the pros

When choosing a moving team for a business relocation, make sure you go with a moving pro like NZ Van Lines. As New Zealand’s premier business relocation team, they’ve helped offices, warehouses, hospo and retail stores pack up and set up in a new space, allowing them to grow and flourish as businesses. NZ Van Lines pride themselves on exceptional service at affordable rates and they’re passionate about helping other businesses to succeed. Call up and arrange a quote for your business when you’re ready.

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