Long Distance Moving Tips

People move long distance for many reasons. It could be for a great new job that will change your life and your career entirely. It might be for love, and taking that next step in a relationship. Or maybe it’s simply for a change of scenery! Whatever the reason, it’s important that your move goes smoothly and that you get a great start at your new life. Today, we’re going to help you get off on the right foot when moving long distance.

Take what you need

When moving long distance, you’ve got to take all of the things that ‘bring you joy’, as Marie Kondo would put it. Imagine being in your new place, in a new city, or even a foreign country, and not having any of the things that make you feel comfortable. For you, this could mean your bedframe, or your favourite frypan: no matter what it is that makes you feel at home, you’ve got take it with you.

Don’t take what you don’t need

Pro tip when moving long distance? Don’t take stuff you don’t need! It’s vital to fight the inner hoarder in you and cull some belongings which would only be dragging you down… even if it means giving away that thoughtful but highly impractical appliance which was a gift from your aunt last Christmas. Face it, you used it once and then it remained in the box for the rest of its life!

Pack well

Packing is the most important part of the process when moving long distance. One of our biggest tips is to get the packing done right. Your belongings should be stored in either high quality cardboard boxes or reinforced plastic tubs. These materials will prevent your items from getting lost or damaged along the big trip to your new city.

Learn about your new city

Do a bit of research about your new city or new country! You don’t want to arrive to learn that the locals speak Swahili and you don’t even know what Swahili is. If you’re moving to an English-speaking country, then study some maps of the city to better acquaint yourself. This will help massively when you touch down on the tarmac.

Hire some quality movers

You’re moving your stuff hundreds, if not thousands, of kilometres: you don’t want some amateur handling your move! Hire a highly reputable team that has loads of experience in long distance moving. New Zealand Van Lines should do it!

New Zealand Van Lines are the country’s finest team of movers. They’ve helped pack up and transport the belongings of a range of different customers: from people with one-bedroom apartments to national organisations like the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra! They pride themselves on great quality service at a quality price, so just get a quote from NZ Van Lines today.

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