How to Choose a Reliable Moving Company

So, you’re packing up and moving. Congrats! Now you need a champion moving team to help you do it. When choosing any goods or service provider, it’s important to ask yourself: how do I know that these guys are reliable? Moving companies are no different. There are some who do a fantastic job each and every time, and others that don’t. How do we pick the reliable moving company over the unreliable moving company? In this post, we’ll explain just that.


Take a look at their online reviews. If they seem well-regarded with lots of 5-star reviews, then it’s safe to say that your moving company is reliable. If they have poor reviews, stay clear of them. If they have very few reviews, that’s also a sign that they may not be a very reliable moving company. Also, ask your friends and family what they think of the moving company; maybe they’ve had experiences with them in the past which they can relay to you.


Check out their transport options. You can’t guarantee that a moving company is reliable until you’ve determined whether their transport is reliable. If they have a fleet of new and sturdy trucks and vans, then you’re on the safe side. But if your ‘moving team’ is actually just some dude from Facebook Marketplace who rocks up in a dilapidated 1987 Ford Transit, you’re probably better off not choosing him.


One thing that says a moving company is reliable, perhaps more than any other factor, is whether they have appropriate insurance policies. A moving team with solid insurance policies will always be more reliable than, again, some guy from Marketplace who promises not to damage anything.


Always go for a professional moving company with a fair bit of experience under their belt. While it doesn’t guarantee that a moving company with 20 years’ experience will be better than a team with two- or three-years’ experience, it’s generally a sign that they’re more seasoned and more reliable in their field.


Professionalism is another way to tell whether a moving company is reliable or not. When you call up a moving company, you should be greeted by a friendly and helpful receptionist. When the movers arrive, they should appear to be well-organised and hard-working. Professionalism begins from the very first contact with a company and ends with the very last.

Choosing a moving company that’s reliable can be a bit of a tough task, but with these qualities to keep in mind, you’re sure to pick the best one. If you need a little push in the right direction, however, we’ve got you covered! Check out NZ Van Lines. They move people like you across the street, across the city, across the island or even further! And they do it every day, so you know they’re experts in the field. For a stress-free and affordable moving service, contact the team at NZ Van Lines 0800 362 236 and get a quote today.

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