How to Adjust to a New Country

A new climate, a new language, new streets and new faces – moving to a new country can be a little overwhelming at first. But then, you start walking those streets every day, learning a bit of that language or lingo, the new faces become the regular faces and you settle-in to your new home. While there’s no proven formula for adjusting to a new country, because everybody adjusts differently, there are certainly some things you can do to make your settle-in period as easy as possible. Here are the best ways to adjust to a new country:

Do some research on culture and customs

One of the best ways to adjust to any new country, but especially non-Western countries, is to do thorough research on the culture and different customs that are practised by the people. For example, what’s a standard greeting when you meet someone new? Knowing how to be polite in a new country is one way to feel normal in it, and therefore adjust to it.

Learn the language

Moving somewhere where English isn’t the first language? Learning the language basics isn’t just helpful – it’s also a lot of fun. Start with the essentials like ‘hello’, ‘please’ and ‘thank you’, before moving onto sentences. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes! If you’re moving to an English-speaking country, then try learn some of their lingo. Australians, for example, call jandals ‘thongs’.

Get out and explore

There’s no point moving to a new country if all you do in your free time is curl up on the couch and watch Netflix. You’ve got to make the most of your surroundings, so get out there and explore! This could mean walking through the streets, sitting in a café, playing snooker or doing karaoke. Whatever it is, just get out there!

Eat out

You didn’t come halfway across the world just to eat ham and cheese toasties, did you? Treat yourself, be a little more liberal with your spending and try new restaurants and cuisines. Not only is this a rewarding thing to do in terms of food, but it’s also a great way to people-watch and see how locals live.

Accept that it won’t necessarily be easy, immediately

Moving to a new country might not be easy right away – but we don’t do things because they’re easy; we do them because they challenge us and encourage us to grow as people. Keep this in mind when adjusting to your new country.

Consult a great team of movers

The people who’ll help you adjust the most are your movers. NZ Van Lines are experts in shipping Kiwis off to new countries, getting their stuff there safely and smoothly so that they can adjust as easily as possible. It’s important to have your belongings with you, so that you truly feel like you’re at home. Grab a competitively priced quote from the team at NZ Van Lines and take a step toward living somewhere different.

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