Five Reasons to Move to Wellington

Move over Berlin: Wellington is one of the coolest capital cities in the world. Hip, creative, lively and wholesome, Wellington is overall one of the best places to live in New Zealand. Whether it’s the cultural experience or the highly rated quality of life, Wellington has loads of reasons to call it home. Here are our top five reasons to move to Wellington.

1) Quality of life

Some organisations have rated Wellington the best city in the world when it comes to the quality of life. It’s one of the cleanest and least polluted cities in the world. Not only this, but it’s also highly ranked for affordable power bills, cost of living and traffic and commutes – which brings us to our next point!

2) Traffic… or lack of it

Getting around Wellington is a dream. You step into your car, drive somewhere in what they call ‘peak hour’ and arrive at your destination within 15 minutes. No traffic jams, no bumper-to-bumper nightmares and no road rage. Great way to start and finish your day, right? Public transport is also far better in Wellington than basically anywhere else in New Zealand. A whopping 30 per cent of people in Wellington use public transport which includes buses, trains, ferries and the cable car!

3) Restaurants, bars, cafes

If you love eating out, drinking out or just being out, Wellington is the place to be. It’s rumoured to have more cafes and restaurants per capita than New York City! Whether this is true or not, it doesn’t really matter. You’ll always find somewhere cosy and hip to spend lunchtime, dinnertime or knock-offs in Wellington. As a cultural melting pot, there are plenty of cuisines to choose from.

4) Culture

Wellington is one of New Zealand’s cultural capitals. So many creative hubs are located within Wellington including the City Gallery, the national museum of Te Papa and the 100-year-old Opera House which gives any Viennese equivalent a run for its money. Get out and soak up the culture!

5) Job market

The job market in Wellington is our last, but not least, reason to move there. Tourism and technology are two industries that play a large role in the booming job market, so if that’s your oeuvre, then Wellington could be your place to be.

We could continue on about why moving to Wellington is a great idea, but we won’t keep you here all day. Instead, we’ll point you in the direction of actually doing something! Like making the move through a premier moving company like NZ Van Lines. They move people like you to the New Zealand capital every day, so they’re experts in the field. To begin your new life as a Wellingtonian, contact the team at NZ Van Lines 0800 362 236 and get a free no-obligation quote today.

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