Five Reasons to Move to the Bay of Plenty

The Bay of Plenty was named by Captain James Cook after the plentiful amounts of fish, sunshine and generous people. On top of that, we reckon there’s plenty of reasons to move there. From city hubs like Tauranga, one of the fastest-growing cities in New Zealand, to remote beach villages where nobody will find you, the Bay of Plenty is one of New Zealand’s most diverse regions. Let’s discuss this more in our top five reasons to move to the Bay of Plenty.

1) Beaches

The Bay of Plenty is known for its stunning beaches. There are about 260 kilometres of coastline in the Bay of Plenty area, so you’ve got an abundance of places to choose from. While Mount Maunganui and Papamoa are tourist favourites, you’ll be able to find your own private beach in the Bay of Plenty.

2) Tranquil Tauranga

Like its neighbouring city of Hamilton, Tauranga is a big city with a population of about 150,000 people. Living in Tauranga means you’ll always have plenty to see and do, without the stress and hassle of moving around in a major city like Auckland.

3) Relax in Rotorua

Rotorua is consistently rated as one of the best places to live in New Zealand. It’s scenically stunning, with geothermal lakes and bubbling mud pools, giving you the opportunity to soak your skin regularly at one of the popular mud baths. It’s a place where relaxation trumps all.

4) Weather

The Bay of Plenty has arguably one of the best climates in New Zealand. Tauranga, for example, is one of the sunniest cities in NZ, receiving an average of 2200 hours of sunshine per year. It’s also known for its dry, warm summers which allow for the beach to be used to its full potential. Winters are mild in the Bay of Plenty, with average temperatures of 10-15 degrees.

5) Family life

Families are especially drawn to the Bay of Plenty, with plenty of space for backyards, great schools and lots of them. As a fast-growing city, the education options in Tauranga are particularly good. It’s also an ideal place for the active family, with lakes, forests, islands and thermal attractions all at your doorstep for you and your family to explore.

We’re not short of reasons to move to the Bay of Plenty; in fact, we’ve got plenty more in the bank (we promise that’s the last time we’ll do that pun). Instead, let’s talk about making the move to the Bay of Plenty through a premier moving company like NZ Van Lines. They move Kiwis to the area every day, so they’re experts in the field. To begin your new life in the Bay of Plenty, contact the team at NZ Van Lines 0800 362 236 and get a free no-obligation quote today.

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