Five Reasons to Move to Hamilton

Everybody knows where Hamilton is. But what do you actually know about Hamilton? Did you know it’s an affordable city when compared to Auckland and Wellington? What about the fact that Hamilton has some of the best cuisine and pub life in the country? There are so many things that are waiting to be discovered in the beautiful city of Hamilton. That’s why we’ve put together our top five reasons to move to Hamilton!

1) Affordable

Part of the reason why we love Hamilton is because it’s affordable. The property market isn’t as expensive as other cities like Auckland and Wellington, meaning your dollar will go further and will translate to a better house, a bigger piece of land or a nicer location. Groceries and goods are also less expensive here, lowering the cost of living. So, if saving your money is important to you, that’s one great reason to move to Hamilton.

2) Big city, homely feel

Hamilton has a population of 165,000 people. This makes it bigger than some Australian capital cities like Hobart and Darwin. While Hamilton is a big place, it’s so easy to get around and you see people you know all the time. So, it’s the best of both worlds: a big place with lots to see and do, and a small place which you can instantly feel at home in.

3) Smart city

You wouldn’t really pick it, but Hamilton is super advanced. Hamiltonians monitor bus availability through an app, which they can use to see if there’s a delay – rather than waiting and waiting for a bus that’s 30 minutes late. You can also look at parking availability in the city on the app too! This saves you time going round and round in circles, looking for a park.

4) Cuisine and nightlife

Being a young and multicultural city, cuisine and nightlife are two things that Hamilton is known for. From pub classics to modern and trendy restaurants, there’s something for everyone when it comes to eating out in Hamilton.

5) Central location

Hamilton is close to everything. It’s a 90-minute drive to Auckland and just a few hours from Rotorua, Tauranga, Raglan and Taupo. This presents a heap of opportunities for day trips, exploring and discovering. Did somebody say looking for Hobbits? Yep, Hobbiton is also right around the corner.

There are a bazillion other reasons to move to Hamilton, but we won’t keep you here all day. Instead, we’ll encourage you to make the move through a premier moving company like NZ Van Lines. They move individuals, kiwis and corporates to the city of Hamilton every day, so they’re experts in the field. To begin your new life as a Hamiltonian, contact the team at NZ Van Lines 0800 362 236 and get a free no-obligation quote today.

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