Corporate & Relocation Services

Whether you’re moving your family or office across town or across the world, New Zealand Van Lines offers corporate and relocation services to make your integration easier.

Corporate Services

Because New Zealand Van Lines has such an extensive corporate account base, we now boast a national Corporate Services team complete with dedicated account managers and team leaders. We offer corporate support and tailored solutions to the domestic market, along with international support via our global network of approved partners. Thanks to more than 35 years of experience not to mention our in-depth knowledge of the relocation industry, we are well-placed to fully service our clients’ relocation requirements.

The New Zealand Van Lines team can also provide support in the following areas:

  • Policy design and management
  • Review of costs and benchmarking
  • Tailored moving guides and quarterly reports
  • Move management

Relocation Services

We understand how daunting moving cities or countries can be, so we’re committed to helping newcomers to New Zealand fit in as seamlessly as possible, whatever your needs.

Orientation Tour

Explore your new home through the eyes of a local. This is a comprehensive orientation tour around your new city, including popular attractions and everyday conveniences.

Home Search

This programme allows you to view suitable properties aligned with your property criteria, budget and lifestyle aspirations. We can also help you with negotiations, lease, property purchase reports and utility connections.

School Search

Discover what education options best suit your family. This programme provides advice on the best schooling options available in your area, and takes into consideration any zoning requirements or pre-requisites set out by those schools. Appointments can also be arranged with schools selected by you.

Other Services:

  • Visa and immigration
  • Settling services
  • Partner career support
  • Cultural briefings
  • Temporary furniture rental
  • Valet unpacking
  • Home handyman services

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