Best Tips for Bringing Staff to New Zealand

Thinking about bringing your business and team to New Zealand? Wherever you’re from, we can say it’s most likely a fantastic idea… although, we’re a little biased. But facts are facts: for four years in a row between 2017 and 2020, New Zealand ranked No. 1 on the international ease-of-doing-business index, created by economists at the World Bank.

If you’re expanding the business and opening up shop in New Zealand, you’re probably wondering how to go about it: what to bring, where to set up and who exactly can help you do it. In this post, we’ll answer all of those questions and more. Here our some of the best tips we can give for bringing staff to New Zealand.

Pick the right location

Picking the right location is the first step to bringing your staff to NZ. Auckland is the country’s biggest city and economic capital and there’s a likelihood that it may be the most appropriate place to bring staff. However, not all business models will suit an Auckland location, so it’s important to talk this over with industry experts before making a decision.

Working remotely

The world has learned that we have the power to work remotely, and many companies are becoming a lot more flexible with mobility and working remotely. Consider this when bringing your staff to New Zealand.

Ask staff who are adaptable and driven

While you’ll probably be hiring a few extra pairs of Kiwi hands, you’re going to need to bring some staff over from your own country to help run the business. Choosing the staff is an important part of the process. The staff that you ask are ideally going to be motivated, driven, ready-for-anything and highly skilled. This way, you’ll get the results you’re looking for when you bring staff to New Zealand.

Offer relocation compensation

It doesn’t even need to be said, but your company should definitely be offering compensation for relocation when bringing staff to New Zealand. It’s a small thank you for the commitment they’re making to the business.

Think about what you need to bring

Presumably, you’ll need to bring some stuff over here when you set up a branch of the business. Does this include special equipment? Technology? A whole bunch of other stuff? Talk to an expert moving team who can give advice on moving business materials to New Zealand.

Organise staff paperwork and working permits

It’s not the most exciting part of establishing business in New Zealand, but you should help organise working permits for your staff when you bring them here. Check with the Government about which permits and visas your staff need to move here successfully.

Talk to the best moving team in the country

When you consult NZ Van Lines, you’re consulting the nation’s experts on business relocation. Their services are trusted by national institutions such as the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra and the Royal New Zealand Ballet, having helped countless other businesses in establishing networks over here. Talk to the team at NZ Van Lines and get ready for success.

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