All You Need to Know Before Moving to The UK From NZ

Relocating to the United Kingdom is a significant undertaking for many New Zealanders, whether as a temporary change of scenery or a long-term lifestyle solution. To ensure a seamless transition, it is crucial to be thoroughly prepared and equipped with an understanding of the essential requirements for living in the UK as an international citizen. As the foremost and most well-resourced moving company in New Zealand, specialising in local, inter-city and international moves, we have compiled a list of important actions to take when planning your international move to the UK. 

Visa requirements in the UK 


If you plan to visit the UK for a short-term holiday, it may not be necessary to obtain a visa. This is because New Zealand passport holders are generally permitted to enter the UK without a visa for a period of up to 6 months under the visa waiver program. However, many New Zealanders moving to the UK plan to live and work for an extended period of time, for a holiday, or to work towards residency. For those who intend to reside and work in the UK various visa routes are available, including ancestry visas, UK family visas, and UK work visas. Among these, the ancestry visa is commonly sought by New Zealand citizens with family connections to the UK.  

If you are not eligible for an ancestry visa, you may explore other options. For instance, a family visa might be suitable if you are relocating to the UK to be with your family and it must be applied for before your move. Alternatively, the working visa route generally leads to permanent residency and can be pursued once you have settled in the UK and started working. To find out more visit:

How do I transfer money from NZ to UK? 


Transferring money from New Zealand can be done either through your bank or through a currency broker. When moving from the UK to NZ you will want to seek a UK bank account, this is where you can transfer the money to. Some of the popular banks in the UK are HSBC and Barclays. Once you have an account to place your converted money into, you will then need to register your account with a chosen currency exchange provider, this will require an ID. Once this step has been completed you will then lock in an exchange rate and send your money from NZ to the UK – transferring it from NZD to GBP. The key thing to note is that a bank will require that the funds are sent before confirming the exchange rate, whereas a broker with secure your exchange rate and then process the funds. 

In order to offer our clients a comprehensive relocation service, NZ Van Lines has formed a partnership with XE Money Transfer, a renowned global authority in foreign exchange and payment services. With its expertise and dependable reputation, XE Money Transfer provides swift, secure, and streamlined international payment solutions, as well as tailored currency guidance. If you are seeking to transfer money from NZ to the UK, creating an account with XE Money Transfer is a simple way to get started. 

Healthcare in UK


New Zealand has a reciprocal healthcare agreement with the United Kingdom for urgent medical care in the case of emergency circumstances while in the UK. However, you should get travel or health insurance initially when moving to the UK from NZ. If you are working, studying, or living in the UK for more than six months you will then be eligible for the standard benefits offered through the national health service. Be aware that there is a healthcare surcharge that is a requirement as part of your visa application, this surcharge is intended to recover some of the costs associated with migrants seeking healthcare in the UK.    

Requirements for buying a house in the UK


New Zealand citizens are not bound by any legal restrictions when purchasing a property in the UK, regardless of their residency status. However, there are several considerations to keep in mind when embarking on the property acquisition process in the UK.  

Firstly, the purchasing process is generally similar to that in New Zealand including steps such as property viewings, offer submissions, liaising with solicitors, building inspections, and securing a mortgage from a UK-based financial solution. It is highly recommended that you seek professional advice from a reputable financial advisor and solicitor with a proven track record in UK property transactions. Additionally, they should be aware of the current UK property market conditions as well as the current tax and legal regulations to make an informed decision when buying. 

Physically moving to the UK 


When moving all of your livelihood to the UK, you will want to carefully consider the most efficient method of transporting any necessary possessions from New Zealand to the United Kingdom. NZ Van Lines, a premium international moving company, offers seamless overseas shipping services from New Zealand. As a reputable international moving service, we are committed to partnering with our clients to deliver a high-quality and stress-free moving experience, facilitating a smooth transition to the UK. 

To ensure timely and hassle-free transportation of your possessions with NZ Van Lines, we advise booking our services as soon as possible, preferably between 6-8 weeks prior to the intended move or retrieval date. This allows for any potential delays to be factored in and ensures that your belongings will arrive at your desired destination in the UK at the scheduled time. 

If you’re planning a relocation to the UK please don’t hesitate to contact us for an obligation free quotation. We look forward to being of service.

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