6 Ways to Reduce Your Stress When Moving

We know that we’re supposed to tell you that moving is nothing but sunshine and rainbows… but the truth is, moving can be stressful when it’s not carried out properly. Things going missing, experiencing setbacks and delays are all common signs of a stressful move.

We’re here to help and can offer 6 great ways of reducing stress when moving houses.

1) Take things slow

Best way to reduce stress when moving? Just take it nice and slow. Don’t rush around and make last-minute decisions about the move. Start the moving process early and take it slowly. This involves packing up belongings that you won’t need to use, a few weeks before moving day. It also means doing a few small tasks each day, rather than leaving it all to the last minute.

2) Book in with your movers, now

Possibly one of the most stressful experiences one can go through when moving houses is calling many moving companies and not being able to book the move, because you left it until a few days prior. Book in with your moving team as soon as possible, so that you can secure the best moving team on the ideal date.

3) Start de-cluttering

De-cluttering. It’s a word that makes most of us salivate with the utmost content. There are few feelings more satisfying than living in a clutter-free household, so why wouldn’t you start de-cluttering now so that you don’t have any clutter to deal with in your new place?

4) Survival kit

It’s a secret weapon that you should have on moving day. The survival kit is basically just an essentials bag, containing your medication, change of clothes, personal valuables and favourite toy of your kid’s or pet’s.

5) Take a break

Take breaks on moving day, make sure that you stop to recharge and have something to eat and drink.

Special tip: Drink some camomile tea. It’s a proven stress reducer.

6) Book a top quality moving team like NZ Van Lines

Possibly the biggest way to reduce stress when moving homes is to enlist the help of a professional moving team like NZ Van Lines. NZ Van Lines help Kiwis relocate into their new homes every day, exercising the right moving techniques for the right household. They’re proud to help their fellow Kiwis by offering an unbeatable service at a quality price, always making sure their quotes are competitive and great value. Get a quote from NZ Van Lines today and stop stressing about the move!

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