5 Reasons To Move To Taranaki

Beautiful mountains, fantastic beaches, fresh air and job opportunities to boot… there’s no other region in New Zealand like Taranaki. Marked by the famous snow-capped Mt Taranaki, it’s a region of amazing natural beauty. In addition to this, there are industries that are booming in the Taranaki region, which we’ll get into further in this post. Here are five top reasons to move to Taranaki.

1) Jobs

If you’re in the industry of oil and gas, the Taranaki region is calling your name. As a fast growing industry in New Zealand, oil and gas mining is taking off particularly in Taranaki, which is known as ‘the energy region’ of New Zealand. There’s a skills shortage in these industries which needs filling, providing plenty of opportunities for hands-on, reception and managerial positions.

Other job opportunities in Taranaki include tourism, education, and dairy farming; the region is home to a large number of dairy farms.

2) Beaches

Taranaki is home to some of New Zealand’s best beaches. Oakura Beach and Back Beach are both known for their rugged beauty and are located just a short drive from the centre of New Plymouth – the region’s main economic hub. The entire Taranaki region is full of secret beaches and coastal hangouts, beckoning you to explore them.

3) Family life

Taranaki is one of the best regions in New Zealand to raise a family. There’s plenty of space for kids to play sport and enjoy the fresh air, unlike bigger cities where apartment living is more common. Another advantage of raising a family in Taranaki is the low cost of living; the median house price in Taranaki is around $590,000. This is half the price of Auckland and Wellington, which have median prices of $1.3mil and $1.1mil, respectively.

4) Scenic beauty

Beaches, mountains and gorgeous lakes mark the entire region of Taranaki – a nature-lover’s paradise. Whether you’re an avid hiker and want to conquer the trails of Mt Taranaki, or a keen surfer, attracted by the popular surfing spots of Patea and Manaia, the Taranaki region has a host of activities for you to enjoy its amazing natural beauty.

5) New Plymouth is a vibrant, contemporary city

New Plymouth is a contemporary city in its own right, despite being a long way from the big cities of Auckland and Wellington. Like any major city would be proud of, it has a lot of art galleries, immaculate parks, and decadent dining establishments.

Taranaki is a region that’s full of surprises – you have to live there to experience them all. To move to Taranaki, get in touch with NZ Van Lines. They’re New Zealand’s finest team of movers for regional, metropolitan, and international moves, assisting Kiwis with a quick and affordable transition to their new homes. Request a quote from the professionals at NZ Van Lines to move to Taranaki sooner.

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