5 Reasons To Move To Northland

Are you considering leaving the crowded, cold city and travelling to New Zealand’s warmest region? Aside from the weather, there are many reasons to love Northland: the incredible beauty of the region, the peaceful lifestyle, the friendly people, and the ideal conditions for family life. Taitokerau, Northland comprising of the Kauri Coast, Hokianga, the Bay of Islands, towns in the top of the north island and Whangārei, is the northernmost and only subtropical region of New Zealand, with long summers and mild winters. In this post, we will walk you through the amazing region of Northland and give you five compelling reasons to relocate there.

1) Family life

Northland presents an ideal spot for families. It’s far away from the hustle and bustle, there’s plenty of space for kids to be active and play sport, and there are lots of great schools in the region too. State schools like Whangarei Primary School and Tikipunga Primary School are highly rated, along with Huanui College which offers the Cambridge International Curriculum.

2) The weather

Often called ‘the winterless North’, Northland has the best climate in New Zealand if you like warm summers and mild winters. Northland’s climate is sub-tropical, boasting the highest summer temperatures in all of New Zealand. Summer average highs are around the 26-degree mark, with a considerable number of days reaching over 30 degrees. It’s as close as you can get to an Australian climate without having to move there!

3) Conveniently located

One of the best things about Northland is that, despite appearing to be a world away, it is not. Other parts of New Zealand are hundreds of kilometres from any major city, making it difficult to visit friends and family and obtain essential services. Whangarei, on the other hand, is only a two-hour drive from Auckland, making it an ideal, convenient location. This means you can enjoy the benefits of rural living, such as low traffic, clean air, and pristine beaches, while also taking advantage of living so close to a major international city like Auckland.

4) Job market

Jobs in Northland are plentiful if you know where to find them. The industries of tourism and farming are two of the biggest, making it popular for retirees who wish to set up Airbnbs, and migrants who are looking for dairy farm work. There are also plenty of jobs in wood processing and marine engineering – Whangarei is known for its production of some of the world’s finest superyachts.

5) Stunning scenic beauty

Finally, one of the best reasons to relocate to Northland is its breathtaking natural beauty. Ninety Mile Beach is one of the region’s most well-known attractions. It’s a 90-kilometer stretch of beautiful coastline with pristine white sand beaches. Other natural attractions include stunning waterfalls such as Rainbow Falls and Whangarei Falls, as well as lakes and lookouts.

Northland is a wonderful place to live in New Zealand. If you’re serious about relocating to the winterless North, contact NZ Van Lines. They transport Kiwis all over the country and the world, assisting them in settling into their new homes. When moving across New Zealand or overseas, choose NZ Van Lines for a smooth, affordable service. Request a quote online or call: 0800 362 236

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