Keeping the Royal New Zealand Ballet on the Road Since 1986

NZ Van Lines dedicated trailer for the RNZB will be travelling the country transporting stage sets and costumes to performances around Aotearoa from March 2023.


NZ Van Lines have proudly been keeping the Royal New Zealand Ballet on the road since 1986 with customised transport solutions that deliver the productions covering stage sets, lighting, costumes and exhibitions.

2023 marks the RNZB 70th anniversary year and how better to show our support than with a stunning new trailer complete with RNZB signage celebrating this remarkable milestone.

This brand new 2023 fairfax trailer is an impressive size of 101m3, dedicated to transporting the RNZB’s stage props and costumes it is fitted with special features such as custom height tail lift for easy loading and unloading, additional interlocking systems inside the trailer, and a modern safety like LED lighting, Alloy Wheels and EBS braking system to keep the RNZB’s items safe when on the road.

Keep an eye out for the NZ Van Lines Royal New Zealand Ballet trailer touring nationally for the upcoming performances: Romeo & Juliet, Lightscapes, and Hansel & Gretel from May through to December 2023.


Royal New Zealand Ballet Trailer

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