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DEC 22 2021

Why Moving Abroad Doesn’t Have to Be a Headache

Posted by New Zealand Van Lines in Overseas, Moving

22 December 2021

Even though most of us would love to move abroad, barely any of us actually do it. Why is that? It may be because, secretly, we’re not that desperate to see somewhere different or experience a new life style – or, it could be...

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DEC 20 2021

How to Adjust to a New Country

Posted by New Zealand Van Lines in Moving, Overseas

20 December 2021

One of the best ways to adjust to any new country, but especially non-Western countries, is to do thorough research on the culture and different customs that are practised by the people.

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4 Myths You Probably Believe About Moving Abroad

Posted by Matthew Woodley in Overseas

28 December 2018

Moving abroad is not as easy as most people paint it. If it were that easy, most every person would be doing it. Ranging from making the decision to thinking of the best place to move to, hiring international movers and other...

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