Five Reasons to Live in Christchurch

Living in Christchurch is the best. There’s a reason why 400,000 people do it. In fact, there are a few reasons. From the stunning natural scenery to the great restaurants and lively atmosphere, Christchurch is one of the best places to call home in New Zealand. Still not convinced? Not to worry. In this post, we’ll walk you through five main reasons to live in Christchurch.

1) Housing is affordable

The house prices on the North Island have gone a little crazy in recent years. It’s hard to find something worth the money in the cities of Auckland and Wellington, and house prices are rising in smaller cities like Hamilton and Tauranga. But in Christchurch, the cost of living is noticeably cheaper.

2) Big city perks

So, usually, when a city’s housing market is more affordable, you have to trade off the ‘big city’ perks, right? Maybe, but not in Christchurch. Here, you’ve got top educational facilities, hospitals and an international airport. Now, throw in the other perks of a modern city like arts and entertainment, amazing restaurants and nightlife – Christchurch ticks all the boxes.

3) Jobs

Christchurch isn’t just a nice place to live, but a great place to work too. The job market here is booming, depending on your field. If you work in construction or IT in particular, Christchurch is calling your name. There are plenty of other areas where Christchurch is ideal for getting a job. A good place to start – look around on job websites! See what Christchurch has to offer for you.

4) Cuisine

You’ll find great food everywhere in Christchurch: in your coffee, in your brunch, in your high-end restaurants and your street-food, Christchurch has some of New Zealand’s best food and drink. It’s particularly hip for food and drink, with heaps of trendy cafes and bars found basically everywhere.

5) Outdoor lifestyle

Cantabrians live a thoroughly outdoor lifestyle. With rivers, beaches and mountains, there’s something outdoorsy for everybody in Christchurch. Taylor’s Mistake is a famous spot for surfers. You can then drive up to Sumner for your fix of snowboarding… in the same day. There aren’t many places in the world where you can do that.

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