Celebrating International Women’s Day

Meet the Women of New Zealand Van Lines!

Today, March 8th, marks the 111th International Women’s Day with the theme of Breaking Bias. International Women’s Day was established in 1917 to help create a gender-equal world by highlighting women’s achievements and bringing attention to inequalities.

In celebration of this important day, we will be profiling some of our outstanding staff.

Paula Garrett is our superstar Corporate Account Manager and is responsible for key Government accounts. Paula has been with New Zealand Van Lines since 2014 and started in a customer service role before moving into her current position.

“To ensure we achieve our KPIs, it’s essential I build a strong, positive relationship with our key clients to further strengthen our position in an already competitive market. I value this part of my role where I have confidence in my ability to engage with different people across different sectors and servicing them to the best of my abilities, says Paula.”

Paula says her favourite part of the job is getting to help people.

“Helping internal and external customers and fulfilling their expectations. I thoroughly enjoy being involved in a successful business and watching the growth in areas such as technology and innovation.”

Not only is Paula achieving goals at but outside of work as well. At 48 years old Paula achieved the hardest goal she has ever set herself – competing in body building competition.

Paula says what she learnt along the way applies to business goals as well as everyday life. “Everything takes time, dedication, strength, believing in yourself, trust the process, and you will start to see change and results.”

When asked what advice she would give to other women looking for a career in the relocation industry, Paula says, “I would say be true to yourself as things in this industry can be tough at times, so you will build resilience with time. Don’t give up, as you will get back more than you put in, especially in a growing business. Maintain your integrity in all aspects of your life, as this trait will hold you in good stead.”

Introducing Mel Owens – Linehaul Driver, Christchurch

In a predominantly male-dominated field, Mel Owens was determined to get her Class 5 licence and become a linehaul driver… and that’s exactly what she did.

Mel has been with New Zealand Van Lines for eight and a half years and is responsible for uplifting and delivering household effects across the country.

Mel says that she loves the variety that every day brings.

“Every day is different, the town, the views, the house, the driveways, and the people.”

If you’re considering a career in the moving industry, Mel says that you should never give up and that women can do anything.

“If you have a dream about what you would like to do or be .. it may not happen overnight, but the hard work you put towards it … your dream can come true.”

Thank you for your time Mel and Paula! We appreciate all that you do!

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