Best Places to Live in the South Island

Choosing where to live on the South Island can be a really tough task. Each little part of the island has something completely unique and special to offer. Take Dunedin, for example, with its classic architecture and creative atmosphere. Then compare that with Queenstown, where you can ski all winter and white-water raft all summer. The South Island is a diverse and special place, and today we’re going to help you figure out the best places to live on South Island.

1) Christchurch

The largest and most diverse city on the South Island is Christchurch. It’s a hub of interesting people, diverse cuisines, hip cafes and eateries and local arts events. It’s a naturally beautiful city, surrounded by beaches and mountains which the locals love to explore via hikes, cycling and scenic drives. Like most of the South Island, house prices in Christchurch are much more affordable than its northern counterparts of Auckland and Wellington.

2) Queenstown

A playground for adults who love seeking thrills, Queenstown is on everybody’s minds when you say the words ‘South Island’. Most towns that are based on adventure tourism are only lively for a few months of the year. Not in Queenstown. This picturesque town in Central Otago is home to water sports in summer and snow sports in winter, meaning there’s never a dull period in Queenstown.

3) Nelson

A lesser-known city than Christchurch or Queenstown, Nelson is one of the best places to live in on South Island. It’s an artsy, alternative place with a thriving economy, so whether you’re a retiree or young and upcoming, Nelson’s set up suits pretty much anybody. It’s also known for its beautiful scenery and wineries, being part of the famous Marlborough region. Learn more in our latest article 5 Reasons to Move to Nelson.

4) Dunedin

Dunedin is the place to be for grand architecture and historic buildings. Dunedin has a unique blend of Scottish and Maori influence, composed of many Edwardian and Victorian buildings. It’s consistently rated as one of the best places to live in the country due to its affordable housing market, civic pride and youthful atmosphere.

5) Invercargill

Way down south of the South Island is the laid-back and liveable city of Invercargill. It’s one of the southernmost cities in the world and is home to charming old buildings and impressive parks. Invercargill is a place you can spot Aurora Australis – the southern lights! That’s special enough for anyone to want to move there. The town also has an obsession with classic cars.

There are many more places to live in the South Island which you may find best, but at least now you’ve got a few to do research on. If you’re considering moving to the South Island, here’s a little tip: do it through a premier moving company like NZ Van Lines. They move people to the South Island every day, so they can sure as heck move you too. Call the team at NZ Van Lines 0800 362 236 and get a free no-obligation quote from them today.

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