Relocation Guide

NZ Van Lines has been engaged as the supplier to New Zealand Police for Moving & Storage Services

This moving guide is to help you plan and prepare for your forthcoming move and make it as smooth as possible. Please ensure you refer to this guide, so you are fully aware of the moving process and what you need to do prior to your move during and on completion.

If you have any questions that cannot be answered within this guide, please get in touch with your local Move Manager, who is responsible for delivering our moving services.


Preparing your Move Within New Zealand

Getting Started

We need to visit for the pre move survey.

This assessment will be scheduled within one working day of receiving your official move notification, during normal work hours (Monday – Friday). Prior to the survey please decide exactly what is to be moved and make plans to dispose of unwanted items.

We will prepare a list of all items to be moved and discuss the move process with you to fully understand your preferred move dates and any other important information relating to the move.

As part of the survey a detailed inventory is prepared for insurance purposes, which has a default insurance value based on the New Zealand Insurance industry average for each item. The transit insurance for your effects will be paid for by New Zealand Police. We need to confirm the value of your household goods to be insured at the time of this survey to ensure timely submission to PNHQ for purchase order generation.

Please also identify any items of a special nature e.g. antiques, paintings, etc. as the survey is being carried out so these can be noted for special packing. Please also identify any items that do not comply with the NZ Police Relocation policy; if you wish to move these items, we will invoice you directly. (Details on examples of items that may be at your cost to move.)

NOTE: NZ Van Lines will transport trampolines, but we do not dissemble or reassemble them. Any simple furniture items that we dismantle to move, we reassemble e.g. dining tables or beds.

Kitset type furniture is not dismantled or reassembled by our removal team, including new items purchased requiring assembly. Due to health and safety cots and bunk sets are not reassembled.

If you are unable to assemble these, we can facilitate a third party to provide this service at additional cost to you. Please liaise with your Move Manager well in advance of requiring handyman services.

Move Day

Preparing for Move Day

Move Entitlement

& limitations on what can be moved at Public Expense


Where a Police staff member is permanently posted within New Zealand or when moved on temporary duty, or on a course of instruction, for a period which is expected to last 18 months or more, the reasonable cost of conveyance of household effects (including household pets) may be met at public expense, except that the cost of removal will not be met on the following:

  1. All articles not part of the member’s household.
  2. Buildings, materials connected with buildings and structures generally, garden seats, large wireless poles, and large television antennae, except that small already dismantled structures such as glass houses and garden sheds (but not garages) may be conveyed at public expense.
  3. Large workshop machinery, large engines, large cultivating machinery farm machinery and garden rollers.
  4. Boats, caravans, and trailers.
  5. Wood, coal, and bricks in excess of 250 kg per household.
  6. Beehives and livestock (excluding household pets).
  7. Flammable items of any kind.

Note: *Household Pets: (Maximum of 2 Pets) A pet is that which most people would regularly admit or keep inside the home. This includes animals such as cats and dogs but does not include livestock (e.g. sheep, goats, horses, etc).

Vehicle Transportation: Prior approval is required. Quads/Motorbikes/Mopeds/Scooters can be moved, but are not eligable for insurance cover in transit.


Storage Policy & Scope

Prior Approval Requirements

We do need you, your partner or nominated adult representative to be present, especially during loading, as we will need to have our inventory signed on completion of this process.

Once final packing and the inventory has been completed and items labelled, loading into the removal truck/trailer or container will then be started. The loading process can take time due to the need for each item to be selected according to its fragility, strength, weight, and dimensions as to where it is stowed. For this reason, the loading sequence is not necessarily one room after another.

All items are checked off at all stages of the move – from loading, to storage if needed, through to delivery.

Finally, we look to you to ensure that all items to be moved have been taken and nothing is left behind in error. Please check all cupboards, drawers, and rooms throughout the house as well as outside areas before our team leaves. NZ Van Lines will not be liable for loss of any items left behind.

Examples Of Items That May Be At Your Cost To Move

These are excluded from what NZ Police pays for:

(Click to view images)

Reinforcement iron Mesh

Work Benches


8000kg Safe / 25kg Quick Set Cement

Quad bike

Spa Pool

Building Materials

Items Ineligible For Removal

The following commodities cannot be accepted for transport (air, sea or road). This is applicable to goods packed by NZ Van Lines and goods packed by owner.

CATEGORY 1: Flammable Liquids

e.g. Oils Petrol, Paints, Varnish, Kerosene Turpentine, Pure Alcohol, Methylated Spirits Photographic Developers

CATEGORY 2: Toxins & Poisons

e.g. Arsenic, Polishes, Pesticides, Weed Killers C3

CATEGORY 3: Explosives

e.g. Flares, Fireworks, Ammunition, Black Powder

CATEGORY 4: Flammable Gases

e.g. Oxygen, Methane, Acetylene, Chlorine Gas

* BBQ gas bottles will be transported if they have been purged. Confirmation will be required.

CATEGORY 5: Radioactive Material

e.g. Oils Petrol, Paints, Varnish, Kerosene Turpentine, Pure Alcohol, Methylated Spirits Photographic Developers

CATEGORY 6: Corrosives

e.g. Arsenic, Polishes, Pesticides, Weed Killers C3

CATEGORY 7: Corrosives

e.g. Flares, Fireworks, Ammunition, Black Powder

CATEGORY 8: Miscellaneous

e.g. Oxygen, Methane, Acetylene, Chlorine Gas

* BBQ gas bottles will be transported if they have been purged. Confirmation will be required.


In Transit Insurance

NZ Van Lines arranges in transit insurance protection which is paid for by NZ Police.

The cover is effective from commencement of packing through to final completion of delivery.

The summary of insurance is HERE

The intent of the insurance policy is to put right any loss or damage that occurred during the relocation. The policy has never been about replacing new for old, but it effectively provides for a settlement basis of the equivalent of the item lost or damaged, having regard for the age and pre-damaged condition of the item.

In The Event Of A Loss:

On occasion items could be damaged during the transit process. Our goal is to resolve this promptly through the approved procedure and to minimise inconvenience.

Within 7 days the loss should be lodged with TV Cook Insurances Limited by completed the Claim Form: LINK

Any claim lodged after this period may be accepted/ declined at the insurer’s discretion. You should note that any damages which occurred before or after the removal time frame are your responsibility and to claim against New Zealand Van Lines is deemed as fraudulent.

A representative of T.V. Cook Insurances Limited will contact you to arrange a suitable settlement with you, within the policy terms and conditions. There may be instances where the representative will be unable to arrange the settlement of your claim.

For example, in the unlikely instance of a major claim, it may require further investigation through an appointed insurance assessor or investigator. If for any reason you are unhappy with the settlement offered, you should contact NZ Police.

If the item damaged is essential to the household then the same procedure is to be followed but the timeframes are much shorter. The insurer will assess the item within 24 hours and have it either repaired or replaced as soon as possible. If this cannot be achieved, then a loan item will be provided within the necessary timeframe. Essential items are those that are necessary for the functioning of the household and without which undue inconvenience would be created, e.g. fridge, freezer, washing machine, drier and iron.

It is the insurer’s prerogative to either:

    1. Arrange and pay for the cost of repairs
    2. Pay a cash settlement based on the estimated cost of repairs
    3. Pay out the value of the item having regard for the actual age and pre-damaged condition.

The maximum amount payable will not exceed the value stated in the inventory but may be less if the stated value is deemed to be in excess of the present value allowing for age and condition.

Special Note: Fraudulent claims may result in legal and/or disciplinary action being taken against you

If you have any questions that cannot be answered within this guide, please get in touch with your local Move Manager, who is responsible for delivering our moving services.

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