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OCT 08 2021

What Can Movers Not Pack?

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Moving house soon? Congratulations! It’s a huge step in our lives, bringing lots of new changes and marking a new period of life for us. So, let’s take care of the basics before we start getting too philosophical! How are you going to get your stuff from A to B? The answer: hire some movers.

Movers can pack most things. They can pack furniture, boxes, glassware, tools, toys, you name it! In fact, there aren’t many things that movers can’t pack. However, there are a small number of things that movers can’t pack, and that’s what we’ll be outlining today.


This one is pretty self-explanatory. Moving firearms often requires a permit to do so, meaning you may have to find another way to transport firearms. Get in contact with your local police station to find out the best way to transport firearms into your new home.


Paint is another funny one when it comes to moving. If you’re an artist or house painter who has a lot of paint on hand, it’s best to find another way to transport it. Paint doesn’t usually mix well with things like expensive furniture or cherished personal belongings, so that’s why we tend to separate paint from other things.


Got a few jerry cans of petrol for a rainy day? Fair enough, but your movers probably won’t be able to move them.


Your moving company may be the bomb, but they certainly won't transport a bomb. Moving explosives can be a little dangerous, to put it lightly, so that’s why your moving team won’t transport them.


If you’ve got a heap of produce that you want moved, it’s probably best to leave that to a Countdown truck rather than a moving truck. Food can spoil if it’s not kept in the right conditions, so your moving company probably won’t move crates of fruit, veggies, meats or any other food.

Other things

For a list of other things that your movers aren’t able to pack, simply give them a call. Most moving companies are happy to explain what they can and can’t move, preferring to sort it out over the phone rather than arrive at your place and find that you were hoping to transport a whole bunch of AK47s… which, in itself, would be a bit questionable.

So, if you’re not intending to move any of the items listed here, why not give NZ Van Lines a call and get your moving journey underway? As one of New Zealand’s finest movers and packers, they work meticulously and at pace to get your belongings from one place to the other. For the best moving service in New Zealand at an ultra-competitive price, hit up the team at NZ Van Lines today! 

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