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JUL 23 2017

Moving to Switzerland: Choosing The Right Moving Company

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Are you planning to move to Switzerland? If you are then you should hire the services of a removals company. What is a removals company? It is also referred to as a moving company. The company offers moving services for individuals, families or businesses that are relocating. A removal company helps people move internationally by shipping the goods from one place to another. Getting one to help you with your move to Switzerland will make the migrating process more convenient.

There are removal companies that will help you pack the goods yourself but PBOs or packed by owners is accepted. Owners buy their own packaging materials and do the packing according to the removal company’s guidelines. This is done to cut down the cost. However, self-packed goods are more prone to damages which cannot be disputed during the move. This is one of the things you should consider when hiring a removal company.

We all know that moving to a new country is stressful but this should not affect your anxiety and positivity when moving. You will need help from a removal company to make things easier for you. So, how do you choose a removal company? 

Search for a removal company you are confident with.

To make the search easier, you can look for removal companies online. With the popularity of international movers, these companies have built their website online to book more clients. Almost all the information you need are in the website. If you have further inquiries, their contact details are listed too. Here, you can check the company’s background, certifications and credentials. After that, you should read client feedback and testimonials. If you feel confident with their services, this is a good indication to choose the removal company over others.

When choosing a removal company, you should take time to meet the people you will work with. Although most people want to book services online, a visit to the company’s office will be advantageous. In the office, you will see how the daily operations are run. They will be able to show you their packaging materials and sample ways of packing goods. Talking to them directly is a good way to express your requests and ask any questions. Taking time to visit them will show your concern for their services.

Take a look at the destination company in Switzerland's website. For example, Suisse Transport, who provide quality removal services throughout Switzerland.

Don’t always go for cheap.

Yes, moving is expensive. You will be shipping several boxes and this can really hurt your wallet. You will feel tempted to go for removal companies that offer cheap rates. Ask yourself, why are the rates so cheap compared to others? That is probably because of the quality of service they will provide you. Choose removal companies with competitive yet affordable rates.

It is always best to book a removal company’s services weeks or even months ahead of time. Usually, professional removal companies can’t take short-notice bookings. Moreover, choose a removal company that is in close proximity to where you live. This will cut down the time to pick up your goods as well as travel expenses to your home.