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SEP 27 2021

Hacks for organizing a last minute move

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Sometimes, life is unexpected. One minute, you’re chilling on the couch, eating chocolate and watching Netflix and, the next minute, you’ve got to pack up your bags and move to Belize. Although this does make you sound like you’re the head of some international crime syndicate, we’re sure there are many other legitimate reasons for a last minute move. But, in this post, we won’t ask questions: we’ll just give you some top hacks for moving in a hurry!

Hire professionals

Booking in with a team of professional movers is the first thing to do if you’re moving in a hurry. Don’t leave this until ‘tomorrow’ – you’ve got to book it in as soon as possible. Otherwise, it will affect your chances of moving on your preferred day with your preferred team of movers… you don’t want to be stuck with the duds!

Ask your movers what they can do for you

Moving last minute means you’ve got to choose a moving company who can help you out, big time. Whether this means packing your stuff with bubble wrap and doing the unpacking too, your moving team could be absolute lifesavers when it comes to a last minute move. Find a team of movers who’ve got your back! 


Storage is another essential if you’re moving last minute. Maybe your new home won’t be able to fit all your belongings; in this case, you want a moving team who can offer storage in the city that you’re moving to.

Separate bag for essentials

You don’t have much time to think about where you’re packing your stuff, but you should be sure to pack your essential items separately. Medication, technology, your wallet, your keys – all of the things you use on a daily basis.

Cut down on stuff

Nope, we don’t mean it’s time to get the hacksaw out: we mean it’s time to start purging the stuff you don’t need. Sell or donate all the belongings which you rarely use – it’s a good way to get yourself some extra dough.

Be efficient when packing

If you’re planning on packing your belongings on your own, and not enlisting your moving company to do it, then you’ve got to be crafty. Use pots and pans, wardrobe drawers and suitcases to pack other small items.

Ask your friends

A little help from your friends is vital when moving last minute. More hands make light work! Maybe you can’t offer them a monetary reward, but you sure can offer a little food, drink and great conversation!

New Zealand Van Lines understand what it’s like to move last minute. That’s why they do everything they can to support you. They can pack your stuff, unpack your stuff and put it in storage if necessary. For an awesome service that’s always competitively-priced, get in touch with NZ Van Lines today.

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