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SEP 27 2021

Can you hire movers to move one item?

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Working efficiently is something everybody aims to achieve. For example, you wouldn’t go to the supermarket and only pick up one item, when your household needed a few things. Unless, of course, we’re talking about a late night ice cream… this venture is more like a holy pilgrimage than a trip to the local service station. While it’s more efficient to move multiple things when moving homes, sometimes you might only need one item moved. Is this a thing? Let’s find out!

Of course!

You can absolutely hire movers to move one item. You might be able to manage all of your other belongings but, no matter how hard you try to fit your grand piano in the boot of your Honda Jazz, it just doesn’t want to go. If this is your situation, get some help from a team of professional movers!

Common singular items to move 

Moving just one belonging using professional movers is more common than you’d think. From fridges, to musical instruments, to gym equipment, one-item moves happen every day. Here’s a few common items that get moved alone.

  • Appliances: fridges, washing machines, giant toasters… nah, not really.
  • Furniture: couches, wardrobes
  • Musical instruments: pianos, harps, mixing desks
  • Gym equipment

If your item isn’t on this list, don’t fret. Your movers will be happy to help with whatever item you’ve got.

How movers charge for one-item moves

The great thing is, moving one item won’t cost you an arm and a leg. In fact, it’ll actually save you an arm and a leg, because you’re not risking your own limbs and back by trying to move the darn thing yourself. Movers will usually offer an hourly rate, or a fixed-price move, so just chat with your expert moving team to work something out. 

Pick a team with the right transport

Ever heard the saying, ‘bringing a gun to a knife fight’? This is what you want to avoid when moving one item. We’re not telling you to expect a violent encounter when moving houses – we’re actually saying it’s important to pick a moving company with the right size vehicle for your item. A moving company that only has large trucks, for example, will charge you more than a company who has a range of truck sizes. For moving a single item, you’ll probably only need the smallest size in their fleet.

We hope that solves any qualms about moving a single item to your new place. With a pro team like New Zealand Van Lines, anything’s possible! They’re NZ’s #1 movers and packers, offering their services for local, national and international moves. They’ve helped out organisations like the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra, so they’ll be sure to help you too. To get that cumbersome item moved from A to B, grab a quote from NZ Van Lines today!

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