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SEP 27 2021

5 Tips for sourcing free moving boxes

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Moving houses soon? You’re going to need to acquire some high-tech, purpose-built receptacles in which to transport your belongings: cardboard boxes. It might be a priority of yours to score some of these magical square things for free – after all, they’re common enough, right? In this post, we teach you how to be a cardboard box wizard – soon, you’ll pretty much be able to conjure one up with the flick of your wand!

1) Check out the local bottle shops

Bottle shops are a breeding ground for cardboard boxes. Wine and spirits are transported in large, heavy duty boxes which can be ideal for packing belongings. Ask your local, independently-owned bottle shop if they can help you out by giving you a few large cardboard boxes. It’s actually a win-win: often, the boxes they don’t use simply get crushed and recycled, so it takes an extra job off their list.

2) Scab off your friends

Got some friends who’ve had to move recently? Try to plunder their loot of cardboard boxes! Do this in a nice way, of course. If your friends are willing to hand you some cardboard boxes for moving, then return the favourite by baking them something or having them round for dinner. It’s good karma and it lets them know you’re not just using them for their precious materials.

3) Check out online marketplaces

Online marketplaces are a great place to score second-hand belongings. Occasionally, cardboard boxes will pop up on these marketplaces for free, or for very cheap. This is where you can put your haggling skills to the test! Always offer a little less than what they’re asking. But make sure these boxes are sturdy and haven’t been exposed to moisture – this weakens the box, putting your belongings at risk of damage. 

4) Fast food restaurants

Fast food chains often use large cardboard boxes to distribute their food to local restaurants. Stop by your closest fast food restaurant and ask if they’ve got any spare cardboard boxes handy. Make sure that they don’t smell of food, however, because this could attract pests. Grab a cheeky small fries while you’re there.

5) Ask your moving team

An awesome moving team should be able to provide you with high quality and cost-effective moving boxes. While these won’t necessarily be free, they will come with the peace of mind of being unused and, therefore, sturdy. Always ask your moving team about scoring some premium grade moving boxes.

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