How Long Does It Take to Pack a Three-Bedroom House

Excited about the move? You should be! Moving is a huge step in our lives, whether it’s for a job, for your family, or simply for a lifestyle change, it’s sure to bring a heck of a lot of positive changes to your life. So, the big question is: how long is it going to take? A three-bedroom house, if you go with the right packers and movers, shouldn’t take long at all. Let’s get into the nitty-gritty and try to work out how long it’ll take to pack your three-bedroom house.

How much stuff do you have?

It’s a big question to ask when packing up a three-bedroom house. Are you more on the minimalist side of things, or are you a hoarder who simply can’t let go of that giant inflatable giraffe that you found at a garage sale 10 years ago and have removed it from storage twice? No judging here, we’re just trying to help you work out how long it’s going to take to pack things up, including that giant inflatable giraffe.

How many special helpers do you have?

If you’re trying to pack up a three-bedroom house by yourself, it could take days, if not a couple of weeks to achieve. For the quickest and most diligent service, however, you’ll be wanting to hire a team of professional packers. These guys eat three-bedroom houses for breakfast and can pack them up lightning fast. By ‘lightning fast’ we mean a matter of hours.

How simple is the pack up?

Are you able to fit everything in square boxes, resulting in a very easy game of Tetris, or do you have a tonne of weird stuff that needs packing? If you have a heap of furniture that needs to be taken apart prior to moving, then this will significantly increase the amount of time it takes. If this is the case, definitely hire some professional packers. They’re experts in getting this stuff done on time.

Which packers are you hiring?

Are you hiring some guy with an old ute off the internet, or are you going with an established packing company who have the expertise, great equipment and a fleet of trucks?

If you choose an A-Grade moving company like New Zealand Van Lines, then you’ll get your 3-bedroom house packed up in no time. NZ Van Lines are your premier moving company, using their trained staff, purpose built fleet and positive attitudes to move your home quickly and affordably – contact NZ Van Lines 0800 362 236 today!

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